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Apple Mac Pro News

Dec 19 2013
Apple iPad

Apple iPad (Photo credits: Best Buy)

Apple will take orders this Thursday for the new Apple Mac Pro personal computer, which is being produced in Texas with domestically made components as part of CEO Tim Cook's $100-million "made in the USA" initiative. 
Cook posted last Wednesday on Twitter that they started manufacturing the Apple Mac Pro in Austin. He added that it's also the most powerful Mac ever.

Apple said that the sleek, cylindrical machine, which runs with Intel's latest Xeon chip, will be available at a starting price of $2,999. While Lenovo and Google are conducting some final assembly in the US of parts made overseas, Cook declared in October that Apple is manufacturing, rather than just putting together, the new Mac Pro's metal parts in the US.

Cook said that the company's difference is that it's taking a bottoms-up approach. They don't just want to assemble the Apple Mac Pro in the US but to make the whole machine there. He also said that Apple's partners are now using production processes and industrial molds that were developed in the US.