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Pinterest the New Social Media Platform to Boost Your Business

Pinterest is the latest social media platform to hit the net. Not as big a heavyweight as Facebook giant and Twitter, the site is rapidly gaining traction and attention from marketing experts and businesses alike.

A virtual bulletin board that allows users to create different collages of their interests, individuals are becoming addicted to pinning and re-pinning images, links and objects that have caught their eye. From books to techno gadgets and events, Pinterest is all about getting people to share creative tips and designs with each other within their chosen niches.

For businesses that have drawn up a marketing plan centered on the use of social media tools, there is serious potential for Pinterest to drive sales for company owners. Product and service pins and repins will provide major clout in terms of customer referrals and website traffic.

Pinterest tips and solutions for businesses looking to expand their online presence

  1. Authenticity: It’s about the lifestyle your brand promotes. Don’t focus too much on your products and services but on the recipes, events, tutorials and figures that celebrate your industry. People that spend time on social media platforms are interested in getting to know people. Don’t underestimate their net savvy and knack for avoiding spam bots.
  2. Spend the time: Let’s face it, like any ‘get rich quick’ type gimmick; no swift solution will help you see results. Your business either needs to invest the time in their social media endeavors or settle for average online clout. Businesses on Pinterest will flourish if they focus on building relationships and curating quality “pins”.
  3. Business match: Don’t waste your time on Pinterest if your business doesn’t match the demographic. The site caters to a crowd who is infatuated with do-it-yourself crafts, room decor, recipes and design. If you aren’t a good fit then you’d be better off exploring other new social media platforms like Google Plus to engage with potential clientele.
  4. Pin and repin others: Pinterest is for brands that aren’t threatened by other industries. While you aren’t expected to repin your competitors, if you can’t take the time to acknowledge the excellent work being produced by others then you won’t succeed in forming relationships. Another downside to an obsession with pinning your own products and services is that you’ll scare away the majority of digital patrons who steer clear of self-serving brand profiles.
  5. Provide resources for customers: Tutorials, crafts and activities are great way of attracting pinners to your boards. If you’re inspiring people with interesting tidbits that they in turn can share, you’ll have discovered the gold dust of this virtual pinboard.
  6. Link back to your site: If you’re pinning a product or service make sure that user’s will be able connect the dots back to your own web presence. Make a Pinterest follower a customer by linking to your landing page where relevant.

Pinterest is a fun social media strategy for businesses interested in adding color to their marketing threads. With a bit of common sense businesses will be able to take advantage of this social site’s simplicity and alternative flair.


Bella Gray is a copywriter at a social media company based in a business center Germany. Gray believes in alternative marketing solutions and is passionate about spreading the word through her writing and side job as a free-lance journalist. She is currently looking to put down roots in an office for rent UAE.