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Apple Is Going To Sell A Smaller I Pad In 2012


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It looks like Amazon and their Kindle Fire tablet have had a good impact on Apple. They are planning on squeezing an iPad model down to 7.85 inches of digital real estate. It will not be a replacement for the big model, so no need to worry if you like a large screen. Take a look at the details of the upcoming 7.85 inch iPad here in this quick article.

A Smaller IPad Thanks To Newcomers.

The market has been bringing it to Apple lately. The Amazon Kindle Fire is a "hot item" so to speak, with its seven inch screen. But it must have been the $199 price tag. There have been other seven inch tablets this year, such as the Samsung Tab, the Blackberry Playbook and the NOVO7. The puzzling part of this is that Apple is usually the one doing the innovating in the tablet realm. The upcoming 7.85 inch tablet is not due out until the end of 2012. Between now and then there will be plenty of other seven inch tablets coming out. They will be a lot cheaper as well.

A Late Start Is Better Than No Start

The companies tasked with making the smaller iPad for next year are AU Optronics and LG Display. The first company is located in Hsinchu, Taiwan. The second is the "Life Is Good" company out of Seoul, South Korea. In spite of the admitted negative response from Steve Jobs about seven inch tablets being "dead on arrival", it looks like the answer is now "hoping for arrival". The two companies are set to start on the tablet beginning in the third quarter of next year.

Samsung Is Nowhere To Be Found In This Deal

It is interesting to note that Samsung is one of the leaders in touch screen technology, but Apple chose LG and AU Optronics. For those who keep up with the mobile soap opera, Samsung and Apple are locked in vicious patent battles. Motorola just recently won a big patent battle in Germany against Apple. Apple has yet to appeal the case and can still sell their stock while the injunction takes effect.

Smaller Screens Are More Mobile

Popular bloggers on the web have already stated how much more mobile a seven inch tablet is than a ten inch screen version. The new 7.85 inch Apple tablet will make a lot of people happy. There is no price given yet for the smaller iPad, but sources say it will be cheaper than its bigger brother.

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