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Blackberry's Year Of Turbulence Comes To An End

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Blackberry would do best to forget the year that 2011 was. Only if it could manage to re-write history and re-define new rules to come off its own inertia would that be made possible. For a technology giant that boasted of 'Corporate Communication' and total control of the business mobility, 2011 was a year full of hard facts and reckoning that would nimble Blackberry fans. Let us review the major points of interest that marked a turbulent year for Blackberry's owner -Research in Motion.

Erosion of market capitalization - For a start, we know that the parent company of Blackberry, Research in Motion is a publically listed and traded firm. And, the last few years have seen an erosion of RIM's market capitalization as if investors have decided to shun the product and the brand associated with RIM. How else could anyone explain a decline of RIM's share price from the levels of $150 to $15 as of December, 2011? This is a 90% decline in its share value and a complete decimation of investors' faith in the ability of the company to cut a new corner.

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Apple Is Going To Sell A Smaller I Pad In 2012


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It looks like Amazon and their Kindle Fire tablet have had a good impact on Apple. They are planning on squeezing an iPad model down to 7.85 inches of digital real estate. It will not be a replacement for the big model, so no need to worry if you like a large screen. Take a look at the details of the upcoming 7.85 inch iPad here in this quick article.