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8 Reasons Everybody Loves SEOBook

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Alright. I have been in the Internet Industry for quite some time now. And this is a guest post that will probably get picked up by shout out to the best networking site that ever did come to be). But there is something that always does intrigue my mind - like - what is the difference between true guest posting and link building? At one point does it cross the line and turn into something that is totally not valuable for the web?

Alright, enough of my indirect disclosure already. Let's get to some solid facts - A top ten list: This one? --- Why does everybody love Aaron Wall's SEOBook Blog? (If you haven't heard of it already and you call yourself an "SEO" well then, welcome to this planet!)

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Aaron Walls Blog. I have never tried their $10 a day forum (which I hear is a gold mine - but so is doing things for yourself for free (probably something just really cool to be apart of if you are a big time roller and have the money to network with tons of other big time rollers))

#8. It's hard not to sit there and admire the design of Aaron

Wall's SEO blog. It is very comprehensive in its simplicity (it takes a lot of time to look that good while remaining somewhat "simple"). It is easy on the eyes, the colors look great, and it is always loaded with cool graphics. SEOBook gets it right from head to toe.

#7. SEOBook is a good "healthy" read. What do I mean by this? Well, do you know how when you read things, and you think that your brain starts to melt because you actually might be getting dumber? Reading the same things over and over again but said in different ways (well in the SEO world the same thing usually is getting repeated (provide quality content the rest will come (well this isn't true always but is a lot of the times)))...

...Well this is not the case with SEOBook. The grammar is there, the sentence and thought flow is there. It is a very good read. When things flow in language the way they are supposed to, you get smarter. Like a reading a great book from a great author,  except this book is in blog format, and it's pages get updated once every so often.

#6. SEOBook and Aaron Wall know exactly what SEO tools to use. This is a very important fact that can save you loads of time (especially when it comes to analytics and data entry and things of that nature). For example he is a big advocator of (so is a lot of upper tier SEO guys).

#5 & #4. The constant rivalry between SEOmoz and SEOBook:  Two of the largest SEO sites in the world. SEOmoz seems to only advocate white hat SEO - something that Google probably extremely appreciates, however the "SEO" inside of me knows that the term "white hat SEO" gets thrown around very loosely. Much because well, most things done in the SEO world aren't illegal, I mean, you can do whatever you want to with your own web site, so it is very grey into what can become right and what can become wrong – and for what reasons. But do not be quick to label something (or someone) white hat or black hat, just because they say they are or because someone else says they are. This is a motto that SEOBook uses a lot (and my #6 reason) and something that I subscribe to.

But back to #3, both sites do pretty well in the search engines for rivaling SEO terms. SEOBook ranks #1 in a cool new little search engine called Blekko (I find it's features very interesting - yet how useful they are or will become is something that I am still unsure of). Is this because SEOBook is constantly linking to them? - perhaps, perhaps not. SEOmoz seems to do better in the SERPs for Google for the search term "SEO" but that's probably because...(skip to the next reason)

#2. SEOBook is ruthless, and will call people out, no matter what it means which in this case, probably costs him a few spots in the SERPs. That is because the blog is constantly giving Google bad press. He is constantly writing about all of the "Black hat" things that Google does, which many of us in the SEO world are very thankful for. In my mind, SEOBook should rank #1 for the search term SEO. It doesn't however, which is such a shame.

#1. The last point really could have been number one (I really love the fact that he really lays it out on the line about Google) But I will say that the biggest reason I love SEOBook (and everyone else does) is that it truly is just the best information on SEO that you can find that is out there. Every single blog post is awesome. Every single point that he makes seems to be dead on (I’m sure there are some bad ones but for the most part they are good), and it is always loaded with relevant videos/links/etc. So Kudos to you Aaron Wall, because like Raymond, everybody loves you!

This article was written by Philip Russell of - a website and company that provides SEO services. Philip enjoys writing articles about SEO, SEM, and Internet marketing in his spare time.