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Twitter Purchases TweetDeck

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A third party client for access Twitter is now becoming part of Twitter. Rumors have been surfacing for weeks that Tweetdeck was going to be purchased and now the rumors appear to be true. Unnamed sources at several technology/money websites including CNNMoney and The Next Web have reported the price will be near $40 million when the sale is finally announced. This price will include a combination of private stock and money.

In the process of bringing back some of its user base to Twitter, purchasing Tweetdeck makes great sense. The company was once very liberal with its API but has become more stringent after numerous services abused the Friending options very popular on the site. UberMedia was considering a purchase of Tweetdeck earlier this year in the range of $25 to $30 million. Twitter quickly shut off the API to UberMedia around the time of negotiations. The Tweetdeck application was developed on the Adobe Air technology and allows the combination of Twitter feeds, Facebook feeds, and Linked In accounts in one convenient web-based or downloaded desktop application.