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Finding a Job Using Social Media

Social Media: Changing Business

Image by Intersection Consulting via Flickr

Social media has been transforming the internet and the way we communicate over the past few years. In the past, communication was limited between people far away, and the internet was reserved mostly for finding information. Finding a job has transformed right along with the onset of social media. Gone are the days when the best way to find a job was through the newspaper alone.

Finding a job isn't too difficult, but finding a job you like in your area of expertise and getting offered that job is a different story. Networking plays a huge role in landing a good job. Today it is all about who you know. Fortunately, social media makes "who you know" a lot easier to achieve.

Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and other profile sites allows you to showcase your skills and experience, even when you're not looking for a job. LinkedIn is a place where you can post what your experience and expertise are while getting linked to similar people.

On Facebook, more companies, big and small, are making fan pages and ways to communicate with customers and potential employees. You can 'like' businesses in your industry and companies you could potentially work for. It allows you to speak with important people, and it helps you communicate what you have to offer with them.

Twitter is a great way to network with others. Twitter is a social media site which uses micro-blogging. You can post tweets, or small statements with 140 or fewer characters. Follow the right people and make the right tweets and you can begin communicating with influential people in your industry.

Social media sites are also a great way to find jobs. It can connect you with people who first hear about new openings in companies. Some companies may even post jobs right through Facebook or Twitter. There are many websites online that have job postings and job resources which you can bookmark or find through social media venues.

Should you rely solely on social media to get a job? Absolutely not. Networking involves more than just sitting at your computer searching for important people. If you're looking for a high profile job or a professional job, you should do real-life networking as well such as attending job fairs, meeting with people, and going for interviews.

However, social media is a great way to find job fairs and make potential connections. Also, you can mention on your resume or in face-to-face meetings that you are on LinkedIn or Facebook where you can continue to communicate with potential employers.

The more jobs you apply for, the more likely you will get a good job. The same goes with social media and other opportunities. The more networking you do, online and offline, the more likely you will find good opportunities for preferred jobs. When you are on a job search, find a way to organize how you sell yourself and what resources you will use to get your name out there and get connected.


Isaac writes on behalf of several UK businesses on topics such as business, recruitment and education including Team24 who are a doctor jobs specialist – providing Nurse and Doctor Recruitment for a wide range of temporary placements.