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Groupon Offers Personalized Deals


Groupon Offers Personalized Deals

The Groupon way has been to offer up one deal per day per city. But yesterday, they began a new program with new deals. It is called Personalized Deals, and is expected to revolutionized the company.

Personalized Deals allows subscribers in New York City, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles to be offered deals that are tailored to them, their tastes and their past purchases. Groupon subscribers complete on online profile as well to help the company get to know them even better.

There is a blog post describing the change, which describes this new feature as one that will get better with time. The personalization's will not seem that great in the beginning, but the site does not know you that well yet. It will pick up on things over time and get smarter about what you'd like to see deals for.

Personalized Deals is a huge change for Groupon, because it has really upped the number of deals they are able to offer to their subscribers each day, and the growth potential is through the roof.

Perhaps one of the most obvious reasons for the change is simple supply and demand. The company's founder, Andrew Mason, says that with 35,000 merchants to feature, clients often scramble to be featured on the site. They were previously unable to meet this high demand from clients, allowing copycat sites to take some of their business. The Personalized Deals program will help them maintain their client base.

They are also hoping that more men will begin to use the service, because the deals can be tailored to their more masculine preferences. Women have built the base of Groupon's success, but the company would like to avoid alienating men with having too many feminine deals.