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Tim Cook: CEO Of Apple


According to Apple's CEO, any business should have the same positive values that individuals do. During his time at the helm of this company, he has only lost his temper one time. This incident happened in 2014, during an annual meeting with the corporation's shareholders. One particular representative for a conservative consultancy wanted the CEO to make some certain decisions that would only prove to be profitable for Apple.

Tim Cook retorted that his company doesn't care about the ROI, so much as improving the lives of customers through technology. One example is Apple's creation of accessible devices for the sight-impaired. He said that individual shareholders who only care about the return on investment should stop doing business with Apple.

This incident at the shareholders' meeting is one of the best summations of Cook's long-term vision for the company. In the five years since he's been Apple's CEO, the company has moved in a direction that makes for wise public policy as well as social responsibility. These decisions may not lead to increases in profits, but they will lead to longer-term benefits.

Apple has recently made investments in building large solar panel fields, addressing environmental concerns. Cook himself has come out publicly as gay, addressing realities of discrimination. Apple has also taken a stance against the FBI's efforts to crack into individuals' iPhones, with the company citing this as a moral issue. During Apple's latest annual conference, Cook also held a moment of silence for the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting tragedy.

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