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Trends In Social Media Use

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Trends In Social Media Use

A recent report indicates that more people spend their time online on social media sites than any other type of site, meaning that it has definitely become a mainstream and accepted thing to do.

Those on a personal computer spent around 20 percent of their online time on a social media site of some type, while those using a tablet, smart phone or similar device to access the Internet spent about 30 percent of their online time on one or more sites. The survey was carried out by Nielsen and NM Incite.

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Social Media: What You Could Learn from Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza has surely come a long way with its social media efforts.  From almost being a victim and a text book case of things you should NOT do on social media, the company has used social media to reinvent and to rebrand itself and to strengthen its new brand.  Domino’s Pizza has become one of the icons of what you should do for your own media efforts.

Struggling with social media?  Here is what you could learn from Domino’s Pizza:

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Backing up Your files Online

online backup

Making a backup of your important files and or your mission critical work documents is essential to the smooth operation of day to day business. Ignorance is practically inexcusable with their being hundreds of options both online and offline. With the price of consumer electronics on a steady price decline, hard disc drives have become something that is available to everyone. Unable to install a hard disc? This is no issue with the arrival of portable / external hard discs. Portable hard discs allow you to back up all of your data and take it off site, which should also satisfy your disaster management planning by ensuring there are multiple copies of mission critical data at more than one location.