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Six Must Have Productivity IPad Apps

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Six Must Have Productivity IPad Apps

Getting the right iPad apps is quite straightforward; you simply need to evaluate your needs and then choose something that will satisfy those requirements best. There are thousands of iPad apps available in the market, though if you need to use your iPad for work, you should take advantage of the productivity apps to help you work more efficiently. Here are 6 iPad productivity apps you need to get hold of:

Twitter Ends TweetDeck Apps for Mobile

Tweetdeck no iPod Touch

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Twitter Ends TweetDeck Apps for Mobile

TweetDeck will no longer be available on three mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Adobe Air. Twitter, which now owns TweetDeck, made a blog post that three apps would be removed from popular app stores and existing apps installed on thousands of phones would stop working in May. This is a new strategy for Twitter which wants more users to use the site directly instead of accessing data through its API. Third party apps like TweetDeck rely on the API to pull and post tweets to the popular social network.

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Free Texting Apps for iPhone

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If you have an iPhone, you know how expensive your monthly bill can be, especially if you were someone who wasn’t lucky enough to have unlimited everything before Verizon changed the plans. If you go over your minutes, you get zinged with a charge. If you text too much, you get zinged with a charge. Don’t even mention the charges for going over your megabyte usage. It’s insane! By time you pay your cell phone bill each month, you feel broke. There are ways to make your bill a bit cheaper and to make sure you never go over your monthly usage. Want to know more?