IS Magazine Blog Accounts Hacked and Leaked Online

Apr 26 2016


The dating website has been hacked and over one million users data leaked online according to Forbes. The site that was exclusive for only beautiful people has become the victim of a serious hack. This follows the other unfortunate hack of the cheating website

Not only were names leaked but addresses, sexual preferences, mobile phone numbers, appearance information and income was also a part of the data stolen. The leaked data has been verified to be actual accounts on the site. Those users should not be embarrassed the way dating site hacked accounts in the past were, but having all that personal information out there, can be a concern.

The site has come out with a statement that new members, those who joined after July of 2015 were not a part of the data hacked. That leads us to believe the hack happened prior to that date. Some government email addresses were a part of the breach, at least 170 different addresses.

The site has a reputation for not being kind to members that gain a little weight or begin to look a little old, cancelling their accounts on the site.

'Beautiful People' Dating Site Known For Rejecting Unattractive Users Gets Hacked