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Reddit CEO Drops A Bombshell

Nov 29 2016

Steve Huffman

Reddit CEO confesses that he changed comments made by supporters of Donald Trump

Steve Huffman, American entrepreneur, web-developer, and the CEO of Reddit, has confessed that he edited comments made about him on the website from Donald Trump supporters. Born in Lansing Michigan, Huffman also co-founded the now defunct airfare search site Hipmunk.

Huffman claimed that he altered references to him in several of the comments inside the website's biggest forum for the next President, however not the comments themselves. Nonetheless, by doing this, he brings up previous worries that Reddit can not work with its' users.

"Yes. I changed the 'screw ups' remarks, editing them for roughly sixty minutes" wrote Huffman, who founded Reddit in 2005 with Alexis Ohanian.

This incident comes in the wake of #pizzagate - a false news story concerning a pizza restaurant in Washington, which was reported to be the headquarters for a child trafficking scheme operated by Hillary Clinton and John Podesta (Clinton's campaign chairman). The story was fake, however it went viral and The New York Times reported it.

As you would predict, the gossip made its' way to Reddit, whereupon the company decided to delete the Pizzagate subreddit, on the grounds that it contravened conditions and terms around publishing a person's private details.

Huffman said that he changed the comments in reaction to abusive messages that he was sent after Pizzagate.

Reddit CEO admits to editing pro-Trump users’ comments