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Can Uber Weather The Storm?

Mar 22 2017


It's no secret that Uber has been having problems recently, the most recent of which is the resignation of Jeff Jones, the company's president. Even the suggestion of a chief operating officer coming on board hasn't stopped the negative press about sexual harassment allegations. Uber passed on the company's best wishes to Jones and thanked him for his six months of good service.

The departure of Jones is directly linked to the company's recent problems, according to media and technology journalists Recode. The company has also had to endure a 'Delete Uber' campaign, which originated at the beginning of this year, soon after President Trump started talking about his immigration ban.

However, it isn't just sexual harassment lawsuits that Uber is having to endure. Earlier in March, an injunction was filed against Uber by Waymo, the Google self drive project. Waymo insists that when Otto was acquired by Uber, some of the employees had no qualms about taking trade secrets with them. Otto is a self driving trucking company.

However, the staff roster at Uber seems to be changing more quickly than anyone can accurately keep up with it. Amit Singhal, a former Google employee and Uber's senor vice president of engineering, also left the company in February, 2017. There is no doubt that Uber is fighting against a somewhat negative view of the way it operates, although it is still uncertain whether all of this bad press will adversely affect the company, or whether it can successfully weather the storm.

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