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TikTok's Future: A Closer Look at Ongoing Talks

TikTok's Future: A Closer Look at Ongoing Talks

Aug 22 2023

For the last four years, the Biden administration and TikTok have been talking to solve security worries about the app, which is owned by a Chinese company. Let's explore what's happening. Some secret plans with TikTok suggest that the U.S. might control the app in a way similar to China to avoid an upcoming ban.


Uncertainty about TikTok in the U.S.: TikTok needs to do something big, like becoming a public company or letting a really big tech company buy it, to avoid being banned. At this time, it looks like both options are being considered.

Why TikTok Matters: There's famous people like Charli D'Amelio who are really popular on TikTok, and she doesn't want TikTok to go away because she has lots of fans. Her recent fan base was more that 150 thousand.

Looking Ahead: The Biden team and TikTok are still figuring things out. What happens next is important because it affects not only the internet but also important stuff like how countries deal with each other and how we use technology. The secret plans that got leaked show that this is complicated, as they try to balance safety and staying connected. As things change fast online, what's decided now could set a rule for how apps are used for a long time.