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John Brennan’s AOL Hacked eMails Posted Online


US Torture policy emails created by CIA director John Brennan have been posted by WikiLeaks online. A teenager hacked into his account and took the emails before passing them along according to reports. Also posted is Brennan’s security clearance application which contains many personal details. US Policy on Iran is also a topic discuss in the emails released today.

"Don't Tick Off the Technorati!"


Concerted hacking efforts by so-called “cyberanarchists” (according to the New York Times) were launched against several big business web sites that provide the basic infrastructure for online marketing and sales. Co-ordinated “cyberattacks” were made on Mastercard, PayPal and, who cut off services to Wikileaks following the widespread dissemination of hither-to top secret U.S. military and diplomatic communications through Wikileaks, and the recent arrest in Britain of its founder, Julian Assange, to face extradition for “questioning” on sex charges in Sweden.