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How To Remove PC Health Boost From Your Computer

How To Remove PC Health Boost From Your Computer


The net is full of fraudulent software, including PC Health Boost, which claim to boost the performance of your PC by removing errors in its registry. For the uninitiated, PC Health Boost is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that does not deliver what it claims. On the contrary, it provides users with exaggerated and modified system scan results to fool them into paying money for the unnecessary system fix. It does not matter if this software sneaked into your computer through installation of software bundles or whether you installed it intentionally. The trial version of this software begins scanning your computer as soon as you install it, and displays a lot of pop-up notification that identifies allegedly PC problems. It displays a message that impel you to get rid of or fix the following items:
• Errors related to ActiveX and COM controls
• Expired cache files
• Damaged DLLs, and
• Potentially dangerous entries

The catch with PC Health Boost

The trial version of the software just shows you the errors. You have to purchase a license key and register the application with it to fix the errors. Although the vendors promise that this software eliminates outdated registry entries from your computer's hard disk drive, it might be able to delete scores of legitimate registry files. It also steals data such as credit card details, bank account information, tax return, user ID and password from your computer and forward them to hackers. Therefore, you should remove this program from your computer immediately.

How to remove PC Health Boost from your computer

Running a standard anti-spyware removal tool is of no help since the powerful destructive feature of PC Health Boost effortlessly manages to bypass such tools. In such a scenario you can try to uninstall the software by following the steps mentioned below:
• Click on "Start" button
• Navigate to the Windows control panel
• Launch add/remove programs
• Select PC Health Boost and click to uninstall it

PC Health boost Shut Down by FTC

The Federal Trade Commission has closed 2 technical support companies including PC HealthBoost after the companies “scammed” computer users from millions of dollars. The companies provided software to users which required a fee to activate. PC Cleaner was distributed for the sole purpose of scaring users into purchasing software after they became notified to system issues which may or may not have existed.

Boost Software was selling similar software with the addition of telemarketing operations that were also fake. Both companies websites have been closed in addition to a company help operate the call center, OMG Tech Help. PC Healthboost claimed to be able to increase the speed of your computer by 216%. Boost Software CEO Amit Mehta was named as the mastermind by the FTC.

The FTC claims that both companies sell useless software that uses fear and a lack of technical knowledge to make money on software sales.

Best Registry Cleaner in 2014 - PC Health Boost Free Download

PC HealthBoost Registry Cleaner and Startup Manager

HP 2133 Mini-Note PC (front view compare with ...

HP 2133 Mini-Note PC (front view compare with pencil) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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