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Amazon Fire TV Adds HBO GO Service


With the addition of HBO GO to Amazon Fire TV, a user can simple say the name of the movie or a television series and the interface with search HBO GO, Hulu, or Showtime Anytime for the program you want to watch. This follows the addition of HBO GO to both Apple TV and Roku media streamers. Amazon Fire TV Stick will get the service in the Spring.

You need to have an HBO subscription with your cable provider to get the service working on your Amazon Fire TV. The service has been available for some time on Amazon Fire HD pads, allowing owners to watch HBO movies anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection. Connect your Amazon Fire HD to your television through a mini-HDMI cord and watch movies on televisions without a cable box installed.

Improved Facebook Search Finds Past Embarrassment


If you have ever posted something on Facebook that you would not want the public to see, a new improved search function of the social network might bring that old post up from your timeline. The changes will be part of the desktop interface and the iOS app rolled out this week. The amount that gets shared is based on your privacy settings, but if you allow the public to see your timeline, then the new search will be better able to find the old stuff that would embarrass you today.

Microsoft Acquires Acompli for Outlook Replacement


For over $200 million, Microsoft has acquired Acompli as a possible replacement for Outlook on mobile devices. The mobile app runs on both iOS and Android and can connect to most email systems including MS Exchange. This is seen by many analysts as Microsoft moving closer to offering all office products in mobile formats. The company recently relocated its OneDrive division to work with the Office mobile and cloud groups. In a statement, Microsoft likes the technology of Acompli, the staff, and the option for the company to expand its mobile applications.

PC Health boost Shut Down by FTC

The Federal Trade Commission has closed 2 technical support companies including PC HealthBoost after the companies “scammed” computer users from millions of dollars. The companies provided software to users which required a fee to activate. PC Cleaner was distributed for the sole purpose of scaring users into purchasing software after they became notified to system issues which may or may not have existed.

Boost Software was selling similar software with the addition of telemarketing operations that were also fake. Both companies websites have been closed in addition to a company help operate the call center, OMG Tech Help. PC Healthboost claimed to be able to increase the speed of your computer by 216%. Boost Software CEO Amit Mehta was named as the mastermind by the FTC.

The FTC claims that both companies sell useless software that uses fear and a lack of technical knowledge to make money on software sales.

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Your WhatsApp Is Encrypted on Android


On your Android phone, the popular messaging app WhatsApp now is providing end-to-end encryption. The Open Whisper Systems technology will move to iOS soon also. Whisper Systems was purchased by Twitter four years and the Open Whisper Systems is the open source off-shoot. With over 600 million users, keeping messages and pictures save from hackers has become more important every month with the NSA and hackers getting ahold of celebrity photos from Apple cloud services.

The New Website From Boost Software


The Boost Software team in Boston MA has been hard at work updating the company’s anti-virus program, the PC Health Boost application, and most recently; their website. The new site is not a modification to the old site but something completely new. The site was designed with easy navigation in mind. User friendly is the theme of the new site in a similar way to their PC Boost software.

Nintendo Profits on Mario Kart 8 and Wii U


Surprising analyst, Nintendo turned in a profit for the most recent quarter on Mario Kart 8 and Wii U sales. The release of the new game led to the purchase of the newer game console for consumers who had previously been reluctant to make the change. Analyst  watching the company had expected a loss of 3.7 billion yen for the 2nd quarter. But the company announced a profit of 9.3 billion yen or 86 million US dollars.

Apple Pay With IPhone 6


Apple’s new IPhone 6 along with iOS 8.1 features the latest feature from the technology company, Apple Pay. Touch ID combined with passbook makes Apple Pay something to take a look at. The iOS version was available for download Monday night. The feature is available on the phones and also newer versions of the iPad (air2/mini3). Apple Pay makes purchasing items on the phone easier by simply tapping the screen at/on over 200 thousand stores. If you are outside the US, you will need to wait longer for the feature but American consumers have it now.

PC HealthBoost Registry Cleaner and Startup Manager

HP 2133 Mini-Note PC (front view compare with ...

HP 2133 Mini-Note PC (front view compare with pencil) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Promised Windows 10 Improvements Could Pay Off For Microsoft

Oct 01 2014
Microsoft Windows wordmark

Microsoft Windows wordmark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Experts from Microsoft unveiled many of the things that I was saying they should bring up at their Windows press conference in San Francisco. One of the biggest surprises Microsoft made was to name their new operating system Windows 10. That being said many of the other aspects of the reveal were quite basic. They didn't throw many other curve balls that would suggest they're fundamentally changing their business model.

It looks like the Windows Start Menu should be returning in a big way, which might please users who were upset with the live tile interface brought ushered in by Windows 8. The new menu provides options for both the traditional program list as well as a customizable set of live tiles. These can just as easily work with touch screen devices for those who need it. Those who have convertible 2-in-1 devices should be able to have the operating system reconfigure itself automatically based on what mode is chosen.

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