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Twitter Trolls Are Being Eliminated


Twitter has been active trying to get rid of trolls or limiting their reach so when they attack, their tweets are not read. The company just updated its abuse policy to target those that attack others through the platform. The company also has a new tool to find abuse automatically by comparing patterns to previous patterns that were found to be abusive. The company also plans to be more responsive to reports of abuse.

This is a change from prior activity by the company which favored growth over limiting the actions of certain members. Investors are looking for growth in subscribers and the company has seen a decline in engagement recently. They now feel that by limiting the abusive accounts, they can increase engagement and hopefully membership.

Training For Apple Watches Starts On April 24


Beginning on April 24, Apple will offer training for its new Apple watch to potential customers.  These workshops will take place at various Apple stores all over the world.  This should help buyers understand how to use their new watches and encourage additional sales.

You can find out where classes are held by looking at the "Stores" section of the Apple Store app.  This information will also be listed on the websites of the locations that are offering the classes. However, please note that only a few Apple stores will offer these classes. The classes will start every one and a half hours beginning on April 24. They will also be available to customers over the weekend.  Some Apple Store locations will have longer hours to accommodate more customers in higher traffic spots.

Dallas Buyers Club LLC Goes After File Sharing Users


Owners of the Dallas Buyers Club movie rights are going after file sharing users who illegally shared the movie over the Internet. In Australia, courts have ruled that the Dallas Buyers Club LLC group can invoice users of peer-to-peer software that seeded the Dallas Buyers Club movie since it was released in movie theaters in 2013. The company pursued internet providers iiNet, Internode, Adam Internet, Amnet Broadband, Wideband, and Dodo in court to get the names of those that shared the movie for free.

April Fools Day By Dominos, Samsung and Google


Leave it to some of the bigger advertisers on the Internet to bring out the jokes and the games on April Fools Day. Some companies have gone so far as to launch new products today that of course do not exist. And you thought your prank on your kids was funny. There are at least 10 quality online pranks that have already happened but there are more to come for sure.

Google Does Away With Chrome Extensions That Are Malware


Over 190 Chrome extensions were killed by Google as the company ruled them to be nothing more than malware. The ad injecting extensions did not provide enough value over the issues they presented to users by showing ads or installing additional software. The University of California Berkley was involved in the study that led to the malware designation for the add-on products. 194 different extensions were removed from the popular browser and measures were put into place to prevent new ones from performing similar activities against users.

Government Websites Increase In Popularity

The federal government has launched a public analytics dashboard called "Where's My Refund?" The most looked at website powered by the U.S. government, "Where's My Refund?" had 4,561 viewers last Thursday. All federal websites combined had almost 147,000 viewers.

People can now look at what is going on with 300 executive branch domains. A recent White House blog says that anyone can now know how many people are on a particular federal website and also what operating systems, browsers and devices are being used.

Taxis Sue Uber in California


Uber, founded in 2010, was sued by 19 Taxi companies in California this week over false advertisement claims. Uber has been advertising as the safest ride on the road and the taxi companies feel this claim has given them an unfair advantage. The plaintiffs state that taxi drives must go through background checks making their rides safer on the surface. Uber, in a response, states that their drivers go through three local checks and their system of driver ratings makes them even safer.

The NSA Is Sued By Wikimedia Foundation


A lawsuit filed in Maryland wants the NSA to end a program that it uses to tap into Internet streams and grab sensitive data on those connections. The suit, led by Wikimedia Foundation, filed on Tuesday is the latest against the agency and their unconstitutional spying programs involving US citizens discovered in the leaked documents stolen by government contractor Edward Snowden.

Tax Cheats Not Audited As Often


Cheating on your taxes isn’t something that most American’s do but according to a new report by the IRS, your chances of getting audited are at a 11 year low. Less than 1% of individuals that file their 2014 taxes will be audited. For wealthy individuals,the chance of getting audited is now down to 7.5%. And for large companies, they now have a 12.2% chance of getting audited. This is a drop from 16.7% four years ago.

Lenovo Installs Adware Making Systems Unsecure


Lenovo laptops may have malware installed on them making secure transactions something that should be avoided until the issue is resolved. If you purchased a Lenovo between September 2014 and January 2015, the past Christmas season, there is a good chance that Superfish adware is installed on the computer and is capable to capturing secure internet traffic. Users should immediately make sure that their systems are not compromised according to security experts at Defcon security.