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Guideline Technologies Makes 401K Investing Easy


Kevin Busque, founder of Guideline Technologies and TaskRabbit, discovered that setting up 401k retirement programs within small businesses was a lot of work and many employees did not take advantage of the saving option. Four months ago he started the new company Guideline Technologies to increase 401k participation for smaller businesses and has already received $2 million in seed money.

The company doesn’t work with managed funds that have high costs, but instead is mostly working with Vanguard and their popular low cost index funds. Plus the interface the company has developed for employees to setup and fund their accounts is a lot user friendly than prior options in the marketplace.

Sorry Honey, I Had An Ashley Madison Account


Users of the website Ashley Madison had their account information released to the public today and might be scrambling to save their marriages. The site which promised total privacy in addition to some other things, was hacked recently and now the data from that hack is being made public. The dumped data included government officials and executives from large corporations. The hackers threatened to release all the information they had on 37 million users, and now have released some of the most damaging. The issue raising real concerns about Internet security.

Search the Ashley Madison Hacked Data here or here.

The New Halo 5 Themed Xbox One Is Coming Soon


You should check out the Halo 5-Themed Xbox One. This brand new Xbox will arrive in October, and Halo fans will want to get their hands on this piece of memorability.

If you want to get your hands on the limited edition Halo 5, then you will be able to do so for $500. This special edition of the Xbox One features a military symbol that was inspired by Halo, as well as metallic blue accents. Asides from that, the Xbox One features 1TB hard drive and an Xbox One gamepad is connected to it.

If you want the system, then you can pre-order it now, and on October 20 the system will be available and a week later Halo 5 will be released.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Cures Ills Of Windows 8; Adds Bells And Whistles


Microsoft's Windows 10, the corporation's latest operating system, launches Wednesday (July 28). Windows 10 corrects Windows 8 problems and adds new features. Windows' 1.5 billion users will find the feel and look of the venerable operating system introduced in 1985 has returned.

Microsoft's has had some problems with updates to the Windows operating system; Windows 8 is probably best known. Windows 8, designed for devices used as both a PC and a tablet, failed to meet the mark. The OS was beset by problems, confused users, and did not enhance users computer experience. A flood of reports of inferior performance by Windows 8---confusing changes, and difficulty of use---meant the majority of Windows users did not upgrade from release 7. Windows 8's failure led to the downfall of Microsoft's CEO being fire. His replacement, Satya Nadella, has admitted the release was flawed.

Apple Working Toward Greener Policies

Apple Working Toward Greener Policies

In an attempt to become a better steward of the world's ecosystem, Apple will soon offer free recycling of its products. Also, renewable energy sources will soon power its stores, offices and data centers. Recently, Apple debuted a new environmental section on its website, highlighting the company's efforts to become more green and reduce electronic junk in the word's landfills.

Operating 420 stores worldwide and selling over 1 billion tech products over the past 7 years, Apple has changed its practice of giving gift cards in trade for consumers' still-working devices. Now all Apple devices,including the iPhone 5S, will be eligible for free recycling, whether they work or not.

Edward Snowden Has No Regrets


Edward Snowdon is often referred to as a fugitive. This came about because he leaked information from top secret National Security Agency documents. However, he recently spoke at the annual music, film and interactive conference (SXSW) which took place in Austin. Edward Snowden called for an overhaul of the spy programs in the United States.

Snowden has been granted temporary asylum in Russia and this is where he spoke from. This is the first time that the former NSA officer has spoken to American citizens since he fled with many secret papers. This man is facing numerous charges including felony and espionage, and he has always said that he would never return to the USA until current "whistle-blower" laws were changed.

New Ideas From TurboTax


In 2015 taxes may be a lot easier to file, and millions of Hispanic Americans will be able to appreciate one of the newest mobile applications from TurboTax. SnapTax lets you file your tax return in English or Spanish, and TurboTax intends to reach the 52 million individuals who may welcome this streamlined way of filing.  

A language barrier may create an additional challenge to filing a simple tax return, but SnapTax will eliminate this barrier for millions of tax filers. SnapTax is free of charge, and a cell phone is all you need to get your 1040EZ/A filing started.

Optical Character Recognition allows you to photograph your W-2 and enter the information onto your tax return. There are a few questions to answer afterwards, but you can file your simple return electronically in approximately ten minutes.

Google And Other Tech Giants Disclose US Surveillance Requests

Edward Snowden's revelations about the extent of NSA snooping activities led to a strong clamor for greater transparency. The giants of Silicon Valley have had to cooperate with the government whenever there was a request for data but now they are emboldened to push back. They demand clearer guidelines on what can constitutes a legal request. They also want to be able to reveal the exact number of US surveillance requests, their nature, and the scope of their effects on users.

In a landmark deal, the companies and the government agreed on a compromise solution in which the public may be informed of information requests but only under layers of obstruction.
The figures cannot be given in exact form but rather in a range that is narrowed down to the nearest thousands. The kinds of data being asked cannot be revealed. There will also have to be a significant delay between the sending of the requests and the publishing of these quantities. Right now, this stands at six months.

Using EvasiOn To Jailbreak IPhone 5


After a long wait, there is already a released process to jailbreak io6 device, which includes the new iPhone 5. If you are looking for steps on how to jailbreak your iPhone, then the answer is already at hand. This answer is in the form of a tool called the evasiOn. This tool is actually a lot easier to use compared to the iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak. Aside from this, it is also faster since it only has a few simple steps. If you have a computer at home, all you have to do is to click a few buttons and tap the iOS phone in order for you to qualify in operating evasiOn.

However, you should be careful with jailbreaking because there are times that things would go wrong. It is not the intention of Apple to have this kind of process. This may eventually end up causing you to restore the device through the DFU mode. So before starting with the jailbreak, it is necessary to have a recent back up of your iOS device. This is necessary in order not to lose any of your important data.

All About Hacking Government Systems


Hacking Government Systems goes Undetected for Over One year

According to a recent ABC News report, the hacking of the U.S Office of Personnel Management, which was discovered in April went undetected for over 12 months and the hackers could have accessed more information than previously thought.

The hack, which may have originated from China, is believed to have accessed more data, including forms used for background investigations, known as SF-86's. These forms may contain names of college roommates, so it's not just the personnel data that was accessed.




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