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Government Websites Increase In Popularity

The federal government has launched a public analytics dashboard called "Where's My Refund?" The most looked at website powered by the U.S. government, "Where's My Refund?" had 4,561 viewers last Thursday. All federal websites combined had almost 147,000 viewers.

People can now look at what is going on with 300 executive branch domains. A recent White House blog says that anyone can now know how many people are on a particular federal website and also what operating systems, browsers and devices are being used.

Taxis Sue Uber in California


Uber, founded in 2010, was sued by 19 Taxi companies in California this week over false advertisement claims. Uber has been advertising as the safest ride on the road and the taxi companies feel this claim has given them an unfair advantage. The plaintiffs state that taxi drives must go through background checks making their rides safer on the surface. Uber, in a response, states that their drivers go through three local checks and their system of driver ratings makes them even safer.

The NSA Is Sued By Wikimedia Foundation


A lawsuit filed in Maryland wants the NSA to end a program that it uses to tap into Internet streams and grab sensitive data on those connections. The suit, led by Wikimedia Foundation, filed on Tuesday is the latest against the agency and their unconstitutional spying programs involving US citizens discovered in the leaked documents stolen by government contractor Edward Snowden.

Tax Cheats Not Audited As Often


Cheating on your taxes isn’t something that most American’s do but according to a new report by the IRS, your chances of getting audited are at a 11 year low. Less than 1% of individuals that file their 2014 taxes will be audited. For wealthy individuals,the chance of getting audited is now down to 7.5%. And for large companies, they now have a 12.2% chance of getting audited. This is a drop from 16.7% four years ago.

Lenovo Installs Adware Making Systems Unsecure


Lenovo laptops may have malware installed on them making secure transactions something that should be avoided until the issue is resolved. If you purchased a Lenovo between September 2014 and January 2015, the past Christmas season, there is a good chance that Superfish adware is installed on the computer and is capable to capturing secure internet traffic. Users should immediately make sure that their systems are not compromised according to security experts at Defcon security. Financial Site Hacked with Plugin

Feb 11 2015


The financial site was hacked with the use of a  plugin by Chinese hackers. Two security firms are reporting that late last year the financial news site of was infected with a plugin that allowed hackers to gain personal information from financial service workers and defensive employees. A Thought Of The Day widget had malware installed and was able to collect information from any page on the website.

WhatsApp Moves to the Desktop


What has become one of the most popular phone apps for messaging internationally is becoming available via a web browser on the desktop (an extension). The browser version is a little odd as it needs an active phone session to operate which it then mirrors. All the messages still happen  on the phone, with the desktop as an interface. Another odd quirk is that the desktop does not work with Apple iPhone, just Android, Blackberry and Windows. The company is blaming Apple limitations for the lack of the new service.

H&R Block Appeals to TurboTax Deluxe Users


Turbo Tax Enters a New Era with Tax Software Changes and Software wars get tough with tax time soon beginning.

Mouseprint an affiliate of Consumer informed Turbo Tax users that Intuits product, Turbo Tax Deluxe, so popular with filers is changing. The schedule C (self-employment), Schedule E (Partnership Income-Rental) or Schedule D (Investment) no longer exist in Turbo Tax Deluxe. Customers now need to upgrade to the "Premier" editions and above.

The founder of, Mr. Edgar Dworsky expressed the change as a "Clever ploy." Take away what people consider essential, and set a higher price. The surprise from users might prove quite interesting. Some will only realize the difference while working on their taxes. Tax preparation for many people is stressful and this change will not be met with open arms.

Apple Watch Coming in March


Reports are putting March as the month that Apple will release the Apple Watch. Sales people at stores across the country will be offered training on the new wearable device in mid-February. Testing and function training will be a part of the store involvement. The first round of training will happen early February in the companies headquarters. Software changes and supplier issues have kept the device from being released early 2015, according to reports.

Amazon Fire TV Adds HBO GO Service


With the addition of HBO GO to Amazon Fire TV, a user can simple say the name of the movie or a television series and the interface with search HBO GO, Hulu, or Showtime Anytime for the program you want to watch. This follows the addition of HBO GO to both Apple TV and Roku media streamers. Amazon Fire TV Stick will get the service in the Spring.

You need to have an HBO subscription with your cable provider to get the service working on your Amazon Fire TV. The service has been available for some time on Amazon Fire HD pads, allowing owners to watch HBO movies anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection. Connect your Amazon Fire HD to your television through a mini-HDMI cord and watch movies on televisions without a cable box installed.




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