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An Network of Influencers Can Boost Your Content

by srpatterson on Monday, April 7, 2014 8:32 PM
My communities My communities (Photo credit: steven w)

Content is a cheap commodity today on the Internet and to reach new customers a content providers needs to stand out from pack. By creating content with an already established member of a community, your content is given immediately credibility, according to a presentation at the recent SMMW14 conference.

Set your goals for the content before contacting an influencer in the community and beginning the work. Is the purpose re-purposing content, finding new clients, or increasing your brand awareness.

And select a topic that will be interesting...
content marketing

Electronic Book Refunds Issued This Week

by srpatterson on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 8:06 AM
Apple Inc. Apple Inc. (Photo credit: marcopako )

Ohio citizens that purchased e-books in the past will be receiving refund checks or account credits as part of a 2012 lawsuit against Apple Inc. for working with book publishers to keep book prices high. Amazon credit many accounts yesterday will about $5 per consumer. The book publishers agreed to a settlement which is now being refunded. There might be an additional settlement and refund with Apple as they are still litigating.

Ohio was a part of a suit nationwide that included 33 states and the US Department of Justice....
Book Publishing

Understanding The Virtual Currency Of Bitcoins

by srpatterson on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 6:18 AM
Bitcoin, bitcoin coin, physical bitcoin, bitco... Bitcoin, bitcoin coin, physical bitcoin, bitcoin photo (Photo credit: antanacoins)

What are Bitcoins?

They is a virtual currency that allows individuals to conduct business with one another. For example, if you wanted me to conduct a sting operation aimed at a particular political party claiming to eliminate corruption, but in actuality they did nothing to meet this goal, you would need some type of incentive to motivate me. I might be well equipped to ensure this mission is carried...

Edward Snowden Claims Against USA Spy Programs

by srpatterson on Tuesday, March 11, 2014 7:25 AM
Image representing Edward Snowden as depicted ... Image via CrunchBase

Edward Snowden, now popularly referred as a fugitive from the U.S.A government for leaking National Security Agency documents, spoke at the SXSW (Annual music, film, and interactive conference and festival held in Austin) calling for a public oversight of the united states spy programs.

Edward Snowden spoke from Russia where he has been granted temporary asylum last year, marking the first time the former National Security Agency officer spoke to United States citizens since...
Edward Snowden

The Ultimate Steal Windows 7 and Office 2010

by srpatterson on Thursday, March 6, 2014 12:55 PM
The Microsoft Office Core Applications The Microsoft Office Core Applications (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Ultimate Steal Windows 7 and office 2010 is reintroduced by Microsoft.

Microsoft has swapped the former office 2007 and Vista Ultimate package and has updated Microsoft for Office Professional Academic 2010 and Windows 7 Professional.

The home page,which...

Netflix And Comcast Reach An Agreement To Improve Streaming Speeds

by srpatterson on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 7:45 PM
comcast comcast (Photo credit: sekimura)

Netlfix has cut a deal with Comcast. Netflix will pay the cable provider an undisclosed amount of money, and in return their movies and TV shows will stream faster. This shows that there is a shifting balance of power, and it is shifting in favor of internet service providers. Consumers will likely see an increase in price too.

Comcast, and other cable providers appear that they will start being more aggressive in how content streams in their pipes. This...

Facebook Knows When You’re In a Relationship Before You Do

by srpatterson on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 6:47 AM
Profile shown on Thefacebook in 2005 Profile shown on Thefacebook in 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It comes as no surprise that FB claims to have inside information when it comes to users changing their relationship statuses from "Single" to "In a Relationship".  The body responsible for this is the research service Facebook Data Science, which conducted its research from the year 2010 all through to 2013.

The methodology used included reviewing posts, messages and profile visits among couples...

Microsoft's New Bitcoin Strategy

by srpatterson on Thursday, February 13, 2014 6:56 AM
The bitcoin logo The Bitcoin logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Microsoft stole a march over Google recently, having added the world's numero uno crypto-currency, the Bitcoin, in its search engine Bing's Currency Converter. This has far reaching applications as nobody expected the commonly perceived technology laggard and sleeping giant, the Microsoft Corporation, to wake up to the potential of the Bitcoin currency much before more nimble footed technology majors such as Google and Facebook.

The Amazing Bitcoin : Bitcoin is...

US Surveillance Requests Up For Google

by srpatterson on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 12:57 PM
The seal of the U.S. National Security Agency.... The seal of the U.S. National Security Agency. The first use was in September 1966, replacing an older seal which was used briefly. For more information, see here and here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

US surveillance requests released for Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and other tech giants

Accounts belonging to tens of thousands of customers of major technology companies like Google have been...

TurboTax SnapTax Now Available In Spanish

by srpatterson on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 2:10 PM
TurboTax SnapTax Android App Refund TurboTax SnapTax Android App Refund (Photo credit: squirrel83)

TurboTax SnapTax comes as a relief to many Hispanics who have been waiting for its release for a long time. This mobile application will come in handy this 2014 taxes since it is estimated to reach out to 52 million Americans of Hispanic origin.

It will now be easier to prepare and file your taxes from your handheld device. Tax payers who want to file simple tax returns (1040EZ/A) will benefit from SnapTax since it allows the user to file your taxes in English or Hispanic...
Taxes 2014
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