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Promoting your Site with RSS Feeds

Promoting your Site with RSS Feeds

Getting readers for your blog is something that many are seeking to do now-a-days with blogging being so popular. One way to get consistent readers is through the use of an RSS feed. Readers subscript to your RSS feed and view the content through an external reader without having to visit your blog unless they want to read similar articles or comment on an article.

Google Reader is a very popular online RSS reader that many use today to group and read RSS feeds from all over the Internet. Google will also suggest additional RSS feeds to read based upon your current selection of feeds. If you want to have access to hundreds of articles a day on a certain topic without having to navigate to all those sites, RSS readers are an excellent time saver and information sharing mechanism.

Chitika Does Research on iPhone Users


Chitika Does Research on iPhone Users

Chitika is a popular online advertising network which just today released an advertising report on mobile vs online internet usage. What they found after analyzing close to 100 million ad click throws is that mobile users are less like by about 50% to visit an advertisement than individuals surfer the net on a personal computer or laptop.

One of the reasons for this difference in advertising interest may be the nature of the use of mobile devices. Smart phones are often used for doing quick searches while other forms of Internet usage encourage browsing and shopping. Another interesting point is the iPhone users are the least likely to click on ads. You can see the complete report here. Releases Their Best and Worst Cars of the Decade

logoPopup Releases Their Best and Worst Cars of the Decade released today their list of worst cars of the 2000s and they also put together their most-improved car list for the same period. Great information for anyone looking to purchase a used car that wants to avoid buying a lemon or for anyone looking to purchase a new car that wants one of the best automobiles available.

The worst list starts with the Pontiac Aztec, all the Daewoos, and the Isuzu VehiCROSS. A surprise worst automobile is the Jaguar X-type which was a major disappointment for a fairly decent manufacturer. Jaguar moved into the lower end market and couldn’t produce a decent automobile. Topping the list of worst of 2000s is the SmartForTwo. Major complaints include the reduce passenger space, the manual transmission and dangerous roll-over possibilities. Take a look at both lists today for some really good entertainment.

eBay Helps Catch Florida Thieves


eBay Helps Catch Florida Thieves

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) arrested six men thought to be a part of a Central Florida theft ring that stole items from over 60 local Publix Super Markets. The arrests were made with the assistance of eBay. Items stolen from the stores were placed on eBay for resale which led to the discovery of the thieves location.

Brevard County Sheriffs arrested the 6 people for dealing in stolen property. The group has thought to have stolen near $1,000 a week from local super markets and resold the items online or through flea markets in the area. For over ten years the operation was in place until police obtained additional information and placed purchases directly with the individuals for the stolen items.

Unlimited Text Message Plans


Unlimited Text Message Plans

Page Plus Cellular is now offering unlimited text message plans for a low rate of $19.95. This is an add-on to current or new cellular plans with the company based in Holland Ohio. Starting August 26, the company will be offering the new plan add-on. The company specializes in prepaid calling plans and currently offers a number of unlimited service plans.

The company sees the new plans as ideal for certain users that do not necessarily need unlimited calling plans but would benefit from unlimited text messages. Parents might love the plans for their children that consistently go over their plan texting minutes. Take a look at the company’s website at for local dealers for your area.

NADA Asks for Cash for Clunkers Extension

Cash for Clunkers.jpg

NADA Asks for Cash for Clunkers Extension

Auto Dealers across the US are working overtime to submit paperwork to the federal government to get rebate money for their clients prior to the new deadline of Monday night this coming week. Computer issues are delaying some of the processing leading to the extension requests.

The National Automotive Dealers Association is now hoping that applications received up and until August 31st will be accepted by the government for cars traded in prior to the August 24th 8 pm deadline. The president has promised that every dealership that takes in a Cash for Clunkers automobile will be credited for the trade. Some dealers have ended the program early themselves as government reimbursement has been slow. Providing Production for One Screenplay

varsitypictures Providing Production for One Screenplay

The website is beginning their first online competition to win a movie production deal according to a release today. Film makers and screenwriters are encourage to submit their material to prior to September 15th for consideration. Visitors of the site will then make selections of their favorite pieces. The top 10 will be judged by a panel of top industry experts with the winner going into production.

The company has secured the services of some of the industries top talent to judge the competition. There are three potential partners of the competition that will have the opportunity to bring the work to production at the conclusion. Offers Widget called Shoplication Offers Widget called Shoplication

If you like shopping with friends and take advice from experts when making purchases then has a feature that could encourage additional buying for retailers that place a new widget on their sites. Shoplication allows retailers an interface for shoppers to share their product finds across a network of retailers.

The social widget allows shoppers to share their shopping ideals with others, mimicking the interaction of friends shopping in a mall. And according to research from Nielson, October 2007, 78% of respondents found recommendations from others more credible. Like Digg, but for shoppers, friends can share their shopping ideals in real time and show their interest in other’s ideals.

© – Not a paid advertisement. Continues to give away $10,000 a Month Continues to give away $10,000 a Month

The June winner of’s Family Bailout contest was announced today according to a press release from the company. Dominique Dent will get $10,000 paid to one of his creditors of his choice. He is a customer of in addition to being a college student and a Katrina survivor.

Dent is planning to help his mother pay her bills and recover from their displacement due to the Katrina disaster. Over 250,000 people applied to win for the month of June by entering online. No purchase is required from the company to be entered into the sweepstakes. Many shoppers do opt-in during the check-out process. Releases Survey Results Releases Survey Results

A survey of 50,000 readers of was taken recently and the results are now being released. In conjunction with this male survey release, Yahoo! Shine is also releasing a female survey conducted recently. The Great Male Survey as it is called hopes to provide insight into the trends that are popular among men between the ages of 18 and 34.

Male Trends

Some trends include men worldwide looking for wife potential in their girlfriends, paying for the majority of the expenses while dating someone and cooking at home. The differences between cultures was also notable as Italian men dress the best, American men are more troubled by living with their girlfriends before marriage, and Americans worried more about the threat of global warming than other popular societies.




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