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Tagging Pictures On Facebook

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Did you ever feel the need to tag the picture of a coke can which you are holding on your picnic on Facebook? It is now possible to tag the pictures as the social network allows tagging Pages in Facebook photos.

Starting from Wednesday, Pages for Brands & Products as well as People can now be tagged by the users in their Facebook photos.

Instead of the Page’s Wall, the tagged photos will be shown in the Photos tab of a Page, and a page can be tagged by anyone even if the user has not liked it. Photos from the tab can also be disallowed by page admins by going into Edit Page > Posting Options > and unchecking “Users can add photos.”

The Crash of Elastic Compute Cloud

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In what is likely to cause increased doubts in the viability of cloud-based servers and systems, the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) crashed last week. This in and of itself is not a bad thing. Which is to say, computer systems have crashed before. Web servers have gone down and web sites have become inaccessible. Email servers have gone down and customers have been without their electronic mail for extended periods of time as a result. In fact, in the days of network television (as in ONLY network television) broadcasters had their signal go out and the channel would go dark for a period of time. So the idea that a company might suffer an outage and we would lose signal for a time, that is not new.

Make Life Easy With Franklin Covey Coupons

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Franklin Covey coupons are the easy way to organize your life. These money saving deals offer tremendous savings for all. They are free to get, and are available on most any purchase.

Franklin Covey has been serving customers since 1984. They offer a wide range of organizational products. The Franklin day planner is the most popular.

Business Phone Systems Combine Multiple Tools Into One System


Saving money on office tools is a great way to free up some room on your business spending. The question is: what can you afford to leave out? Instead of stressing over whether your publishing department needs that new program or your marketing department needs that new software, start saving on the office equipment that really takes up your budget.

The one area where you probably spend the most money is telecommunications. Having a complex telecomm setup can easily cost you a lot of money – if you haven’t already updated to the latest telecom equipment that is.

Finding a Job Using Social Media

Social Media: Changing Business

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Social media has been transforming the internet and the way we communicate over the past few years. In the past, communication was limited between people far away, and the internet was reserved mostly for finding information. Finding a job has transformed right along with the onset of social media. Gone are the days when the best way to find a job was through the newspaper alone.

Is Helpdesk Ticket Software Appropriate for One Person Businesses?

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If you've been actively reading various blogs and articles on making your business grow you may be wondering if helpdesk ticket software is appropriate for a business run by just one person. The common need for businesses that ultimately rely on the consumer for their profit (which is every business in one form or another) is not separated by size. However, a small one person business may have more options than they think.

Remember the Bottom Line When Building Your Data Center

Data Center

Whether you are an executive, an insurance carrier, a call center representative or a technology service provider, managing and controlling costs for a data center is just part of the job at a financial services provider. Sometimes the data center was there before you took over the reins and started planning for its growth and maintenance. Perhaps company growth—a positive result in a difficult economy—has prompted plans to add, expand or replace an existing data center.

Flip Video Camera Being Retired by Cisco Systems


Cisco Systems announced today in a CEO John Chambers press release that they will be shutting down their consumer products division and laying off workers. The most popular product in the division is the Flip Video Camera. Current owners of the video recorders will be supported for the time-being along with the software that provides quick uploading of video to the Internet, FlipShare. The company admits in the release that it has disappointed shareholders by experimenting in the home electronics area.

Facebook Stores With The Most Fans From Different Niches


Facebook stores have really picked up over the last year and this is because more and more people are using the service and are prepared to part with their money on it. The big bonus of having your favorite brand on Facebook is that you can buy from them whilst talking to your friends and don’t even have to leave the social platform!

With this in mind here are some of the best and most popular Facebook stores currently on the web.

5 Great Cloud Back Up Apps

It seems you can't have a conversation about the future of the web without discussing cloud computing applications. Among the many trends involving cloud-based software, cloud backup applications are leading the discussion. Whether you simply want to back up simple documents, or large libraries of multimedia files, cloud back up applications may provide the support you're looking for. Unfortunately, not all cloud back up applications are created equal. Navigating the cloud-based backup applications can be tricky if you don't know what you're looking for.