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Nook Production Increased to Meet Demand

Mar 03 2010

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Nook Production Increased to Meet Demand

Barnes and Noble released the nook eBook reader shortly before the Christmas holiday season began last year and ran out of inventory according to a recent press release. The book seller quickly increased production and by mid-February was delivering new devices to all its stores nationwide. The device competes with the popular Amazon Kindle and several other eBook readers on the market. It is reasonably at $259 compared to more expensive competitor models. 

Based on Google’s Android operating system, news spread quickly that the device could be hacked and used for other purposes. Developers have been producing other software to run on the device now that access to the operating system has been illegally obtained. These additional unwanted features might actually help Barnes and Noble sell more devices in the long run.

In-store Wi-Fi access allows nook owners to browse millions of eBook offerings with relaxing in the chain’s locations. Free in-store content and special offers makes owners of the eBook device want to bring their readers back to the store whenever possible according to the company.

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Lulu Opens Up API For Developers

Feb 24 2010


Lulu Opens Up API For Developers

The self publishing website,, in a press release today announced that they are opening up their API to developers. Developers will now have direct access to the company’s publishing engine, allowing for new innovation. With the API a company could quickly publish hundreds of manuals for world-wide distribution. Or a developer could create an interface to allow publishing within a different branded environment.

Lulu hopes to continue to provide innovative technologies for the publishing industry. The company currently allows anyone to publish a hardcover, paperback, or eBook and have the material discovered quickly through their social discovery platform. The publishing is free while the amount of earnings on a written piece of work are limitless.

Start a Reverse Phone Directory Search Today! is Like a Dating Site for Job Seekers

hotcandidates_promo is Like a Dating Site for Job Seekers

If you are looking for a passive recruiting environment were you can continue to work while still having a presence in the open job market, might be for you. The company bills itself as a ‘Dating Site for Job Seekers’. You create a Career Fingerprint which has all the normal resume details with some additional ideal job information. When a new job becomes available that is a perfect match for you, you are contacted through email.

The company uses a work-values assessment similar in some ways to eHarmony’s matching software to compare your style and needs to the company and job that has become available. has been one of the fastest growing online business over the years and reported 250% growth during the middle of 2007. The passive job seeking style is popular with professionals that are not available to pursue job positions regularly or search other sites on a daily basis.

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VistaPrint Giveback Giveaway Contest

Jan 27 2010


VistaPrint Giveback Giveaway Contest

VistaPrint has begun a contest called the Giveback Giveaway were Twitter followers and email recipients are entered daily in drawings for prizes. The prizes range from a Nikon digital camera and a Dell Netbook to a Toys R Us gift card and VistaPrint products. Recent winners won a Hardcover Photobook from the company. VistaPrint hopes the contest draws attention to their small business and home marketing materials that they provide to millions every year.

Entering the contest is possible through the website Once a day, entrants can enter the contest either through Twitter or through emails. In addition to the daily prizes there is a grand prize of an Apple MacBook Pro. On the site, there is a scrolling Twitter update of individuals mentioning VistaPrint and Tweating for the contest. Provides the Best Value Colleges for 2010

Jan 18 2010

logo_site Provides the Best Value Colleges for 2010 is a leader in college scholarship search and has recently presented the top value college selections for 2010. Their investigation has found that many colleges have added to their student aid options in step with the struggles of state of federal economies. Along with The Princeton Review, they looked at 700 different 4 year colleges in the US. They considered academics, costs, and financial aid in their ranking.

The University of Virginia was first among the 700 colleges looked at. Three others were on the list last year and continue to be including Harvard, Florida State and the University of Georgia. Schools that are new to the list in 2010 are the University of Colorado Boulder, MIT, Texas A&M, the University of Oklahoma, Virginia Tech and Wellesley to name a few. Take a look at the complete list.

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StubHub Provides a Look Inside 2009 Concert Revenue

Jan 18 2010


StubHub Provides a Look Inside 2009 Concert Revenue

The majority of data released from one of the top ticket vendors in the music business provides top grossing tour information along with year-over-year data. Some of the overall trends for the year included increases in revenue for StubHub (40%) and declining ticket prices (16%). Ticket volume shot up 65% for the year as concert goers were able to attend more shows on the reduced ticket prices.

Gross Sales leaders for 2009 included some familiar names with U2’s 360 degree tour leading all time sales for StubHub. Behind U2 was Bruce Springsteen, Phish, Taylor Swift, and Britney Spears. More common names completed the top 10 list with Dave Matthews at 6, Elton John, Jonas Brothers, Kenny Chesney, and Metallica. U2 had the top 9 selling shows in 2009 with Bruce Springsteen coming in 10th with his show at Giants Stadium in October.

There were a number of tickets the common ticket buyer would have trouble purchasing with the most expensive ticket being a $424 ticket for the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Benefit Concert. Phish also had a couple very expensive tickets with individual prices in the $300 range for a couple of shows they had in March at the Hampton Coliseum.

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$5,000 Game Room Contest Begins

Dec 29 2009


$5,000 Game Room Contest Begins

If you need a game room renovation or a brand new $5,000 game room, Sears has started a contest that you would be interested in entering according to a press release today. The company has begun the Hit Us With Your Best Shot billiard video contest. Jeannette Lee, the Black Widow, has joined the sporting goods department at Sears to bring one lucky video entry the grand prize along with 5 $100 Sears gift card second place winners. Sounds like a nice deal for the right billiard player.

Contestants need to enter a short video of their best billiard shot to before January 17th to be entered. Accuracy, originality and technique will be the criteria for judging the videos. The public will also vote on the videos similar to American Idol. Voters have a chance at a $25 Sears gift card. Get your Flip video camcorder out today and submit your video for this nice contest.

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Top 50 Websites in November 2009

Dec 23 2009


Top 50 Websites in November 2009 has completed their analysis of web traffic for the previous month and found some interesting trends. According to their press release (see chart) bargain hunting websites saw a good increase in traffic along with sites selling technology gadgets for Christmas. In fact holiday shopping was very active as sites providing online options for shoppers came in third with the best search traffic growth.

Search traffic increased for bargain shopping websites such as and saw increases of 36% each. Technology shopping websites like, and also saw big gains. Best Buy traffic jumped almost 75% while the others also saw big jumps., and all saw good gains as consumers began shopping for Christmas late in the month of November.

Deloitte Warns Consumers During Holiday Season

Dec 15 2009
cyber crime.jpg

Deloitte Warns Consumers During Holiday Season

Deloitte wants every online shopper to be vigilant this holiday shopping season and has provided a number of tips in a recent press release. Cyber Criminals are very active during the holiday shopping season so consumers need to be careful when searching for gifts to purchase online.

The advice begins with being careful who you give your credit card information to when online. Monitor your credit card and bank statements to notice fraud early in the process. Keep your login information current and change regularly. And keep your security patches up to date for Windows and Anti-Virus software installed on your home PC.

Other good tips include not using free internet access sites, don’t respond to rogue virus alerts when browsing the web, simply shut down the browser, sign-up for credit monitoring and be cautious when posting information on social networking sites like Facebook as criminals look for clues of vulnerable situations. Reaches Milestone and Adds Features

Dec 09 2009

MiloHomeLogo Reaches Milestone and Adds Features

Helping shoppers research items online for free and providing local locations to make purchases has helped reach one million users a month. Launching from beta, the website has attracted shoppers from across the country looking for the best price on holiday gifts and wanting to purchase the items locally. The site attempts to take the best features of eBay and Amazon and make it all local so shoppers can see and feel the items before buying.

New Features

New features have recently been added to give users even more search capability. In-Stock searches can be selected to only show items that are in-stock. No more going to the local store to find out they do not have the item. Price alerts are based on a single item at a single store within the users local region. When the item reaches the price you select, you are notified. And finally the Hottest Product List (could have been named by Paris), allows shoppers to browse what others have been searching for.