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YouTube Capture - A Great New App For Recording And Sharing Videos

Capture One

Capture One (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

YouTube Capture

Capture is a new iOS app from Google which will make recording and sharing YouTube content easier. It allows users to film videos and upload them to YouTube with just three clicks. When you use Capture, you can post videos simultaneously to YouTube, Google+, Twitter and Facebook, as well as uploading them to your own machine. The app also includes a number of editing features, such as color correction or adding music.

The first YouTube generated app for iOS was launched earlier this year, but at that time it did not include a way of uploading videos. This was seen as a major omission given the site's importance for uploading user generated videos. Even the move to more professional content does not affect YouTube's position as the main place for people to post their videos on the web.

At the time, it was thought that people would record their videos using iOS cameras, and upload with the embedded, and easy to use, YouTube function. However, over the last year Apple has reduced the ways in which it supports embedded Google services. So far as video is concerned, the New Mountain Lion software does not include any facility for uploading material to YouTube.

So it became necessary to develop YouTube Capture. There are a number of key features to this app
- It links to the iOS camera roll. This means that you can use Capture to share any of the videos you have stored on your phone.
- It reminds users when their videos might work better in landscape format.
- Background uploading of videos starts once you have finished recording.

The app can now be downloaded here. According to YouTube, Capture is a simple and effective way to record and share videos to the Internet. They also see it as a significant moment in computer history - a move away from the previous close alliance between Google and Apple. It seems likely that users will have to get used to searching for separate apps rather than the integrated versions they have been used to.