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Google Play Games App Allows Recording and Publishing to YouTube Gaming


YouTube Gaming has brought game recording and publishing to the Google Play App on Android. Users are now able to record their favorite game moments and save them to YouTube all from their mobile devices. The goal of Google is to increase the amount of gaming video on YouTube that will also be available to view on the companies recent YouTube Gaming app. the amount of gaming video watched online has dramatically increased and some YouTube gaming channels are watched as much as celebrity channels.

Currently live streaming of game play is not available on YouTube but the company plans to offer that feature some time in the near future.

Netflix And YouTube Account For 50% Of All Video Streaming

English: A Netflix envelope picture taken by B...

English: A Netflix envelope picture taken by BlueMint. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Netflix And YouTube Account For 50% Of All Video Streaming

Netflix and YouTube have been revealed to be responsible for about half of all video streaming, solidifying the place of the video sharing site and online streaming service as the major movers of new media. While both platforms have certainly benefited from the explosion of mobile devices and game consoles over the last few years, it seems that the early attitudes of both companies towards online streaming have made the most difference. Both companies embraced the web early on, allowing Netflix and YouTube to profit today.

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YouTube Capture - A Great New App For Recording And Sharing Videos

Capture One

Capture One (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

YouTube Capture

Capture is a new iOS app from Google which will make recording and sharing YouTube content easier. It allows users to film videos and upload them to YouTube with just three clicks. When you use Capture, you can post videos simultaneously to YouTube, Google+, Twitter and Facebook, as well as uploading them to your own machine. The app also includes a number of editing features, such as color correction or adding music.

The first YouTube generated app for iOS was launched earlier this year, but at that time it did not include a way of uploading videos. This was seen as a major omission given the site's importance for uploading user generated videos. Even the move to more professional content does not affect YouTube's position as the main place for people to post their videos on the web.

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YouTube Quality Videos Matter

YouTube Trends Dashboard

YouTube Trends Dashboard (Photo credit: DavidErickson)

YouTube has provided millions of people with a means of reaching out to others and building connections. Sharing a viewpoint on any topic or hobby has enabled these users to build an understanding in ways that were never before possible. When a person gets on YouTube to create videos, it allows them to spread their views and begin securing a following online.

YouTube has also enabled video makers to enjoy financial profits as a result of the videos they place online. Previously, these videos assigned a financial value based on the amount of views they resulted in. However, this is a practice that needs to be altered because of the fact that many people are making low quality videos. A video that is short in duration may only cover a small aspect of the topic. However, this is currently done in order to increase views and make more money as a result.

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Video Pinning On Pinterest

Image representing Vimeo as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Vimeo Integration is now rolled out on Pinterest for video pinning pleasure by many users.

Pinterest is not only just for pictures now, today the company said that vimeo videos are now available to pin on the site. That is a very big attention grabber for users. This is the second video integration that is now available on this site. In August 2011 YouTube videos were allowed on the site and now you are able to use both. This is now targeted for a more design-conscious and artsy side. It will be interesting to see how video growth is going to make Pinterest move forward.

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The Benefits of Online Media

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

The age of turning on the television or flipping open a newspaper is quickly coming to an end, as online media is starting to pop up in every way, shape and form every time you turn your head. The question is, how can online media benefit you and your business? Here's a look.

What It Is

First and foremost, let's talk about what exactly online media entails. Online media is any kind of digital informational resource that includes photos, videos and music, all of which are distributed over the Internet.

What It Does

Online media can be a powerful tool for both everyday use and use in your business. For the everyday user, you can now go online for access to your favorite newspapers, magazines, video clips, music and even TV shows. With a simple click of the mouse, you have access to all the information you need without having to go through piles of printed resources.

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YouTube Increases Video Length to 15 Minutes


YouTube Increases Video Length to 15 Minutes

If you have ever felt that the amount of time provided to you by YouTube was just too short, you will be pleased to know that the video-sharing site has announced an increase in the video upload limit from ten minutes to fifteen minutes for non-partners. Whatever you like to film, you will now be able to capture more footage to put online.


More Live Concerts on Youtube

youtube live concerts

In a bid to establish a major presence among Internet streaming music services, VEVO and YouTube have made public their partnering with American Express in initiating a live-streamed concerts to be called "Unstaged: An Original Series From American Express."

On August 5th, the first of five concerts commences with an event in Madison Square Garden featuring the group Arcade Fire. It will be concurrent with the band's August 3rd release of "The Suburbs", their latest album. Also performing in the event are The Roots and also John Legend, both of whom have album releases this year. The Arcade Fire concert in New York is only the beginning of this outstanding program of five musical events planned by VEVO,YouTube and Amex.