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Learn About The Evolution Of Typefaces The Type Rider Way

Google Android Cake Pops

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Learn About The Evolution Of Typefaces The Type Rider Way

If you are in the printing industry, then you should know the answer when your boss asks you about the history of typography. Have you ever heard of Johannes Gutenberg? He was considered the founding father of printing. Do you have any idea about the history of printing, when the first letter press was invented and how it revolutionized printing? You can get information on all these subjects by using an application called Type Rider. This typewriter app comes with a detailed history of how modern printing and the different types of typefaces, like serif, sans serif, script and decorative evolved.

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YouTube Capture - A Great New App For Recording And Sharing Videos

Capture One

Capture One (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

YouTube Capture

Capture is a new iOS app from Google which will make recording and sharing YouTube content easier. It allows users to film videos and upload them to YouTube with just three clicks. When you use Capture, you can post videos simultaneously to YouTube, Google+, Twitter and Facebook, as well as uploading them to your own machine. The app also includes a number of editing features, such as color correction or adding music.

The first YouTube generated app for iOS was launched earlier this year, but at that time it did not include a way of uploading videos. This was seen as a major omission given the site's importance for uploading user generated videos. Even the move to more professional content does not affect YouTube's position as the main place for people to post their videos on the web.

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The New Android App For Pandora

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The New Android App For Pandora

Pandora, the leading internet radio on the market today is adding new features for its mobile applications. The company is now including lyrics and information about the artists in their android apps, making the mobile configuration work much more like the full-function Pandora on regular computers.

The new features on internet radio's mobile app is available to both Apple and Android mobile gadgets. The Pandora Android app is expected to be released soon, however, iPhone users can already avail themselves to the beefed up application on Monday. The company has said that a similar app for Microsoft Windows Phone 8 will be released around next year.

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Should You Create a Mobile App for your Website?

Person with PDA handheld device.

Person with PDA handheld device. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Web 2.0 is happening all around us. Savvy business owners realize that their website not only needs to be browser ready, but that it should be mobile ready and optimized for different screen sizes. But even if you your site optimized for the mobile Web, should you still create a mobile app? Hint: The majority of mobile device users access the Web through apps.

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Essential Apps For the Business Traveller


The cellphone has grown to be an indispensible part of our everyday life. It is hard to imagine going to the office without your trusted mobile phone inside your pocket. Cellphones are great for keeping the lines of communication between you and your business clients but its application has outgrown its humble beginnings as mere tool for communication to an invaluable partner in business transactions.