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American Entrepreneur – Reid Hoffmann

Reid Hoffman

Image by O'Reilly Conferences via Flickr

He is one of the top businessmen in the world, without even having a job. American entrepreneur Reid Hoffman has multiple success stories under his belt that the general public know well. If you’ve ever sent money through PayPal from America to Europe or even for payments on eBay, you’ve been part of the entrepreneur’s legacy. His other major achievement that has come to great fruition in the last few years is the business networking site, LinkedIn, which has connected entrepreneurs from offices in Waterloo through to tycoons in Tokyo. Reid Hoffman was successfully changed the way that people recommend business persons and created a internet portal for freelancers and corporate professionals.

Born and raised in the framework of an American business entrepreneur, Reid found himself attending schools and excelling in the areas of Berkeley and Stanford, California. Early ideals of education made this business magnet keen to study cognitive sciences and also to contemplate the fields of symbolic sciences. After graduating from Stanford in 1990, he made his way across the oceans through to England, where he was awarded with a Masters Degree in Philosophy from one of the world’s most prestigious universities, Oxford. From that point he moved back to America to settle into the social network seen as an entrepreneur starting his own dating website.

Reid is an investor and advisor first and has his ideas and influence spread amongst multiple companies. The American Entrepreneur starting working with PayPal as an investor and advisor, while still working with his own dating site, At the time that PayPal was bought out by eBay in 2002, Reid was the Vice President and dealing with the majority of the strategic elements of the start-up online payment service. Immediately Reid began his venture to connect not only American Entrepreneurs to each other through a business social venture but also the international community. Professionals could link with each other to discuss business opportunities, such as lucrative offices for rent in communal buildings, or business issues and recommendations of services. Not only has he invested in these two milestone companies, but also has shares in silicon sensations: Facebook, Zynga, Flickr, Digg and Currently he also is a partner of Greylock and continues to focus on the technologies that connect people, whether they be social, gaming and in the online payment arena, his focus is always to make networking and communicating easier in each aspect of your lives. Reid Hoffman has established himself as the American Entrepreneur without a steady job, but an influence worth billions of dollars.


Bella Gray is a freelance writer with a keen interest in Business professionals and the dynamic nature of the current career world.