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Is the UK in a Tech Bubble?

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The success – and subsequent bursting – of the dotcom bubble is well-documented. A business bubble such as that is created when speculative investors believe in an over-hyped product that simply cannot deliver what its proponents say it will. Rather than steady, sustainable commercial growth which supports the long term, it can lead to business failure and bankruptcy. That is then followed by a market shake-down in which only the strongest survive: hence the domination of the big dotcom players post-bubble, such as Google and Amazon.

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American Entrepreneur – Reid Hoffmann

Reid Hoffman

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He is one of the top businessmen in the world, without even having a job. American entrepreneur Reid Hoffman has multiple success stories under his belt that the general public know well. If you’ve ever sent money through PayPal from America to Europe or even for payments on eBay, you’ve been part of the entrepreneur’s legacy. His other major achievement that has come to great fruition in the last few years is the business networking site, LinkedIn, which has connected entrepreneurs from offices in Waterloo through to tycoons in Tokyo. Reid Hoffman was successfully changed the way that people recommend business persons and created a internet portal for freelancers and corporate professionals.

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What Your Website is Missing

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Chances are that unless you hired a web professional with SEO experience, your website is missing essential components. The entire purpose of a website is to establish your online presence in a positive light while increasing your customer base. Whether you’re an alcohol treatment facility or a shoe store, if your website is not doing a good job marketing your business, you’re missing out on easy revenue.

There are certain essential elements to a well-crafted and productive website. Find out what it is, make sure your website has it, and enjoy a more successful business.

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The Career Networking World of LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a social networking tool dedicated to the employees and employers of various organizations around the world. Both employers and employees have plenty of features available in LinkedIn which are beneficial to them in business networking. While Facebook is targeted at youth willing to relax in their spare time, LinkedIn has become the main networking hub online for career minded people. Those who seek challenging career opportunities post their profiles in LinkedIn.