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Let’s face it: the average web user’s attention span is pretty short, and Google knows it. For this reason, the importance of diverse content in achieving higher search engine rankings and increased sales cannot be overestimated. In recent years, Google has revised its search engine ranking algorithm several times, each time with an effect on the sales prospects of commercial sites. To take advantage of these changes and provide the best possible chance of success, web designers and business owners must incorporate diverse media types in their overall marketing strategies. Video content is especially important for these websites, since it not only offers the full audiovisual experience for the target audience, but can be viewed on a wide array of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Custom Applications
For some websites, incorporating a custom video player can provide additional appeal for consumers while affording opportunities for marketing that might not otherwise be possible. The process of creating a custom video player, however, requires an extensive knowledge of HTML markup language other open standards. A number of online companies provide software to simplify and streamline this process by automating certain functions. For a truly custom result, however, it is usually necessary to obtain the assistance of a professional web designer.

Flash Player Platform
Flash-only video players currently hold a significant advantage over other video formats due to the intuitive interface available with Flash IDE. The versatility and superior content portability provided by a Flash player platform allows end users to experience full multimedia content while maintaining a relatively small computing footprint. Flash applications offer enhanced loading and processing speed that can often outweigh the limitations of the video format and the proprietary nature of most Flash content design software.

High-Definition (HD) Videos
For commercial and multimedia websites that depend on outstanding video quality, an HD video platform can provide superior image and video quality while maintaining the speed and performance required for optimal delivery. HD videos are especially useful for demonstrations and presentations showcasing new products and services. Additionally, the clarity possible with the HD video platform is exceptionally useful for how-to videos and other instructional materials. Finally, HD videos can reinforce the company’s existing reputation for quality and assist in branding and name-recognition marketing efforts.

Professional Video Management
The technologies required to create custom video applications are often challenging and may be beyond the capabilities of in-house IT specialists. Companies that offer video management software and services can enhance the loading speed and produce custom video players that mesh with existing website design, further enhancing the company’s branding and marketing strategies. By working with companies that specialize in integrated video services and software solutions, businesses can boost their search engine rankings and improve their overall image in the online marketplace.

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