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Apple Sells 3 Million iPads in the First 11 Weeks


Apple Sells 3 Million iPads in the First 11 Weeks

According to a press release from Apple this week, the company sold 3 million units in the United States in just the first 80 days that the new device has been on the market. This is ahead of schedule and accelerating from the 1 and 2 million sold marks already reached. The company speaks glowingly about the advantages of the iPad over other ways to connect to the Internet. And users feel similar emotions with a long battery life and easy to use functionality, the laptop like device is a winner. While keeping up with demand has been a small issue for the company.

Apple and CEO Steve Jobs are working on releasing the device in nine more countries in the month of July. Meeting an even larger pool of customer’s needs with their ever popular consumer electronic products. The stock of the company has been rising along with iPad and now iPhone 4 sales. Moving from a three month low of $229.74 on March 24th to a three month high of $273.84 on June 22nd. The strong performance has kept the Nasdaq composite index above water while the economies in the US and abroad struggle.

Like the iPhone and the iPod Touch, the iPad runs all the applications available within the online Apple app store. Plus developers are branching out to use special features only found on the iPad for nearly 11,000 more applications. These special features incorporate the multi-touch interface, enhanced screen size and quality graphics only available on the larger device.

Tasks the can be performed on the light weight device that has a 10 hour battery life include surfing the web, watching streaming videos, listening to music, reading eBooks, responding to emails, playing games and sharing photos. With so many features, other devices become less required like eBook readers, portable gaming systems and mp3 players.