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Top Business Innovation in 2011

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The end of the year brings with it reflection and 2011 was certainly a big year in business innovation. From the passing of Steve Jobs, who was in his own right business innovation incarnate, to the video game industry slaying Hollywood; 2011 made an impact and we’ll feel its effect going into 2012. This year will provide new business innovation but just as last year was influenced by 2010 so shall the rippling effects of progression be felt in eternity. Let’s look back at 2011 for some of the top business innovation movements and the skill sets that surfaced.

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Is Jobs Entitled to Privacy?


Once again, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs is taking medical leave for the third time since 2004 and once again, the company's stock price is unsteady as Jobs refuses to be forthcoming about the details of his condition.  It is probably connected to the rare form of cancer called a pancreatic islet cell neuroendocrine tumor that Jobs has suffered from previously.  Jobs had such a tumor removed in 2004 and said afterwards all the cancer was gone, and he did not require chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

Hardware Innovations

Apple Sells 3 Million iPads in the First 11 Weeks


Apple Sells 3 Million iPads in the First 11 Weeks

According to a press release from Apple this week, the company sold 3 million units in the United States in just the first 80 days that the new device has been on the market. This is ahead of schedule and accelerating from the 1 and 2 million sold marks already reached. The company speaks glowingly about the advantages of the iPad over other ways to connect to the Internet. And users feel similar emotions with a long battery life and easy to use functionality, the laptop like device is a winner. While keeping up with demand has been a small issue for the company.