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Apple’s Best Quarter Ever, But Will It Last?

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Even with the passing of Steve Jobs, his company is doing better than it ever has. With $97.6 billion in the bank closing the first quarter results, recent announcements have profits exceeding $100 billion. The sale of 37 million iPhones and impressive amounts of Macs and iPads dominated the Christmas season. But, Apple wants to do better than that.

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Apple Sells 3 Million iPads in the First 11 Weeks


Apple Sells 3 Million iPads in the First 11 Weeks

According to a press release from Apple this week, the company sold 3 million units in the United States in just the first 80 days that the new device has been on the market. This is ahead of schedule and accelerating from the 1 and 2 million sold marks already reached. The company speaks glowingly about the advantages of the iPad over other ways to connect to the Internet. And users feel similar emotions with a long battery life and easy to use functionality, the laptop like device is a winner. While keeping up with demand has been a small issue for the company.