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Apple’s Backdoor and the Government

Apple doesn’t want to let Big Brother (Government) into your iPhone through a backdoor in the phone security. The Obama administration is trying to force Apple to allow the government to access phones that have security features enabled. Apple CEO Tim Cook is going to appeal a court order to allow the government into the iPhone of a radical Islamist who shot dead a number of co-workers in San Bernardino California earlier this year.

Cook is seeking support for his position from Apple’s customers and the public. In a statement, the company says that even they are not able to access your phone. Any data that they are able to access they do provide to the government, would is scare in itself. The government is looking for a new version of iOS that allows the FBI access. Such a new version of the operating system would allow any phone to be unlocked by anyone with access to the software.

Apple feels that weakening the security on the iPhone is a serious issue for all users and should not be done. President Obama is looking to write an executive order to force Apple to create the backdoor. Apple feels that a law must be passed by Congress before they would consider creating this whole in their security.

Cook fears the company being prosecuted by the government or him personally.


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