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Apple’s Backdoor and the Government


Apple doesn’t want to let Big Brother (Government) into your iPhone through a backdoor in the phone security. The Obama administration is trying to force Apple to allow the government to access phones that have security features enabled. Apple CEO Tim Cook is going to appeal a court order to allow the government into the iPhone of a radical Islamist who shot dead a number of co-workers in San Bernardino California earlier this year.

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All About Hacking Government Systems


Hacking Government Systems goes Undetected for Over One year

According to a recent ABC News report, the hacking of the U.S Office of Personnel Management, which was discovered in April went undetected for over 12 months and the hackers could have accessed more information than previously thought.

The hack, which may have originated from China, is believed to have accessed more data, including forms used for background investigations, known as SF-86's. These forms may contain names of college roommates, so it's not just the personnel data that was accessed.