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Comparing The IPhone 5 With The IPhone 5c

Apple 16 GB white iPhone

Apple 16 GB white iPhone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Comparing The IPhone 5 With The IPhone 5c

In recent years, Apple has been able to improve the performance of every subsequent reincarnation of their iPhone, whilst simultaneously preserving (and occasionally lengthening) the battery life. The newly introduced iPhone 5c keeps up this tradition. FCC documentation has revealed that the iPhone 5c battery capacity is roughly 5% greater than that of the iPhone 5. Although FCC disclosures can be notoriously inaccurate in the reporting of battery capacities, these numbers do appear to be believable. The figures corroborate the statement made by Apple at the keynote earlier in the week, concerning the increase in size of the 5c battery.

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Things You Need To Know About The Upcoming IPhone 5

iPad is a Wi-Fi 64 GB version (another one beh...

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Many people are confused to what the upcoming iPhone 5 will have for its users. Well, let’s uncover this mystery a little. However, we have to give Apple the credit to get us surprised every time. Although there are many rumors and leaks about what all iPhone 5 might have but honestly we would not know the exact information until it really comes out. People are right now going crazy about the new iPad 3 which is about to come out but iPhone users do not really care about iPad, they just want to know about their craze iPhone 5.

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Apple’s Best Quarter Ever, But Will It Last?

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Even with the passing of Steve Jobs, his company is doing better than it ever has. With $97.6 billion in the bank closing the first quarter results, recent announcements have profits exceeding $100 billion. The sale of 37 million iPhones and impressive amounts of Macs and iPads dominated the Christmas season. But, Apple wants to do better than that.

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The Inside Scoop On The iPhone 4S

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If you have been looking forward to getting a new iPhone 5, then think again. Apple made an announcement about the new iPhone 4s yesterday instead. It looks just like the regular iPhone 4 on the outside. The inside is what has changed. Let's see what is new.

One of the most important things that is different about this phone is that it is powered by a A5 processor. That means that it is twice as fast as the previous version. Apple also stated that data speeds will be faster on this phone at 14.4 Mbps for downloading and 5.8 Mbps for uploading. The battery life is a little bit longer than the iPhone too, but standby time is less.