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Taxis Sue Uber in California

Mar 18 2015


Uber, founded in 2010, was sued by 19 Taxi companies in California this week over false advertisement claims. Uber has been advertising as the safest ride on the road and the taxi companies feel this claim has given them an unfair advantage. The plaintiffs state that taxi drives must go through background checks making their rides safer on the surface. Uber, in a response, states that their drivers go through three local checks and their system of driver ratings makes them even safer.

The NSA Is Sued By Wikimedia Foundation


A lawsuit filed in Maryland wants the NSA to end a program that it uses to tap into Internet streams and grab sensitive data on those connections. The suit, led by Wikimedia Foundation, filed on Tuesday is the latest against the agency and their unconstitutional spying programs involving US citizens discovered in the leaked documents stolen by government contractor Edward Snowden.

Last Week's Change In TOS Lands Instagram In Court

Instagram - 8

Instagram - 8 (Photo credit: BrentOzar)

TOS Lands Instagram In Court

Instagram is not pleased with what Santa left under the tree: a lawsuit. To be more specific, Instagram is now involved in a class action lawsuit after it changed its terms of service, a move that customers are none too happy about. According to Reuters, the suit was started by a California user who is claiming that Instagram breached its contract by changing its service term. Instagram, owned by Facebook, responded by denying any wrong-doing and vowing to fight the suit.