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Hardware Innovations

Flip Video Camera Being Retired by Cisco Systems


Cisco Systems announced today in a CEO John Chambers press release that they will be shutting down their consumer products division and laying off workers. The most popular product in the division is the Flip Video Camera. Current owners of the video recorders will be supported for the time-being along with the software that provides quick uploading of video to the Internet, FlipShare. The company admits in the release that it has disappointed shareholders by experimenting in the home electronics area.

Hardware Innovations

Which Apple Computer is Right for You?


Apple computers, the also-ran of the computer market for many years, was once only sought after and used by artists and musicians for its ease of use with creative programs. But the last ten years have really seen an explosion of the Apple computer market, and Apple has gone from being an obscure brand to one of the major players in the computer industry, even being used more and more in business than ever before. If you’re thinking about buying an Apple for your next home, school, or business computer, it’s best to understand which model will fit your needs best.

Hardware Innovations

Three Features That Make the iPad Worth the Price


The iPad is a new concept to a whole lot of people: it's basically the Apple version of a tablet, which is a more portable version of a laptop computer. Of course, a tablet is not a laptop computer, nor is the iPad: if you really want to understand what makes the iPad different, you'll have to learn about the specifics.

That's why, in this article,we'll explore three such features that might convince you that the iPad is more than a larger version of the iPod Touch: the iPad is a genuinely new and original product that has the capacity to add a lot of value to your life.

Hardware Innovations

Checking You have Coverage with Mobile Broadband Services Abroad

Mobile Broadband Coverage Abroad

Checking you have coverage with mobile broadband services abroad

Many people that travel abroad are used to having free or cheap WiFi access at their chosen holiday resort or in the city that they are staying in. Most major holiday destinations these days offer WiFi access for free or at a cheap cost in the public areas of hotels and even in the rooms. There are also many public places where WiFi is available, such as in bars, eateries, and shops.

Hardware Innovations

Apple’s MacBook Air Debuts

MacBook Air

Apple’s MacBook Air Debuts

The new Apple MacBook Air has recently been demonstrated by Steve Jobs to the public and is receiving great reviews. With two different models, a 11.6” and a 13.3”, the MacBook Air has all the convenience of the iPad but with a keyboard. Pricing starts at $999 for the smaller model and $1,299 for the 13.3” model. One advantage of the 13.3” model is a couple more hours of battery life in addition to the larger screen resolution.

Hardware Innovations

Apple Sells 3 Million iPads in the First 11 Weeks


Apple Sells 3 Million iPads in the First 11 Weeks

According to a press release from Apple this week, the company sold 3 million units in the United States in just the first 80 days that the new device has been on the market. This is ahead of schedule and accelerating from the 1 and 2 million sold marks already reached. The company speaks glowingly about the advantages of the iPad over other ways to connect to the Internet. And users feel similar emotions with a long battery life and easy to use functionality, the laptop like device is a winner. While keeping up with demand has been a small issue for the company.

Hardware Innovations

Customized USB Drives

When giving away promotional items during a marketing campaign, it has become more and more popular to give potential customers something they can actually use instead of something that stands a real good chance of being deposited in the nearest trash can. Customized USB drives are the newest rage in promotional items. Convenient to carry and able to be packed with useful information, corporations have discovered that USB drives offer effective ways to circulate large amounts of data as well as the company name and logo.