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Is There Any Risk Involved in Jailbreaking an iPhone?

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If you are the owner of an iPhone or any other iOS device then certainly you can make the most of these devices and can use them for whatever purpose that you want but sometimes you may get limited due to the restrictions and restrictive business models of your company.  But, if you want to get the most out of your iPhone then you can easily jailbreak it because then it will allow you to use the applications of your choice and make you eligible to receive all the services from the providers of your iPhone.

Things You Need To Know About The Upcoming IPhone 5

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Many people are confused to what the upcoming iPhone 5 will have for its users. Well, let’s uncover this mystery a little. However, we have to give Apple the credit to get us surprised every time. Although there are many rumors and leaks about what all iPhone 5 might have but honestly we would not know the exact information until it really comes out. People are right now going crazy about the new iPad 3 which is about to come out but iPhone users do not really care about iPad, they just want to know about their craze iPhone 5.

Five Bad Habits That Will Shorten the Life of Your Laptop

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Laptops have become a very important part of our lives. Without a computer, we would not be able to do our work, students will not be able to do homework, and others will lose access to their social networking. Taking good care of your computer will give many years of use. Prolong the life of your laptop by avoiding the following issues.

Apple’s Best Quarter Ever, But Will It Last?

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Even with the passing of Steve Jobs, his company is doing better than it ever has. With $97.6 billion in the bank closing the first quarter results, recent announcements have profits exceeding $100 billion. The sale of 37 million iPhones and impressive amounts of Macs and iPads dominated the Christmas season. But, Apple wants to do better than that.

One Of The Coolest Text Apps For The iPhone is Typewriter

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If you are bored with your emails and text messages, it is possible to make them a little more interesting. Typewriter is the name of an iPhone app that does just what its name implies. It types out text messages like in the olden days. Check out this new iPhone app here in this informative article.

Get Back To Your Typing Roots

Some things just get your attention in a good way. The Typewriter iPhone app is one of them. This is an app for those who miss the day of the old "hunt and peck" typewriter with the "ding" at the end of every line. The app imitates those old typewriters of yesteryear with an amazing retro feel to it. It actually has a little more freedom than the typewriters it imitates. The typewriter arm can be placed anywhere on the screen and the typing can begin there.

Get A Megaphone For Your iPhone And Blast Your Music

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Some people have really big ideas and the Megaphone is one of them. This is an amplifier for your iPhone that looks just like its name. It should prove to be a nice gift for the holidays. Get a closer look at the megaphone for the iPhone here in this informative article.

Old Meets New With The Megaphone

The Megaphone reminds a person of one of those horns used from days past. It is a simple but powerful artistic statement as well. The iPhone sitting in the top looks out of place for those who are not accustomed to technology. The design is one of quality and good looks. The Megaphone itself is formed out of hand made ceramic with a small three-legged wooden frame to support it. The best part may be that this device is totally passive and uses no energy to work. There are no batteries to install and no wall chargers to hook up. This makes it something of a work of art with aesthetic value to accompany its audio amplification.

The Inside Scoop On The iPhone 4S

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If you have been looking forward to getting a new iPhone 5, then think again. Apple made an announcement about the new iPhone 4s yesterday instead. It looks just like the regular iPhone 4 on the outside. The inside is what has changed. Let's see what is new.

One of the most important things that is different about this phone is that it is powered by a A5 processor. That means that it is twice as fast as the previous version. Apple also stated that data speeds will be faster on this phone at 14.4 Mbps for downloading and 5.8 Mbps for uploading. The battery life is a little bit longer than the iPhone too, but standby time is less.

Five Top-Selling Gadgets Of The 21st Century

If you think technology is leaving you behind, take a look at these five, top-selling must-have gadgets that have entered the market since 2000. You don't have to be a technogeek to appreciate any of these nifty devices, and you don't have to be a millionaire to own one, either!

Fastest Selling Electronic Device Of All Time

This one goes to the Apple iPad. First introduced in 2010, the Apple iPad has taken the gadget world by storm. Earlier this year, Apple announced that the iPad had become the fastest-selling electronic device of all time, and the company expects to sell more than 100,000,000 units by the end of 2012. The device has already undergone one major redesign in its scant 15 months on the market, and analysts are already talking about an iPad 3 release that could happen as early as the fourth quarter of 2011. Rumors abound regarding what the iPad 3 might potentially offer, and range from retinal scanning to HD displays to the e-commerce darling, near-field communications.