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Factors That Affect Laptop Speed

A System76 laptop displays the Ubuntu Edgy log...

A System76 laptop displays the Ubuntu Edgy login screen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People do not always choose their laptops for speed. People who are interested in a word processing platform do not need computers with the latest technology. Gamers need more from their laptop speeds and graphic abilities. Consumers looking for a fast laptop need to consider the following factors. Shoppers should look at the processor speed, the amount of memory a computer has, and its graphics card.

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How To Effectively Use Social Media for Link Building

Social Media Outposts

Social Media Outposts (Photo credit: the tartanpodcast)

When you use social media as a resource for link building, you are reaching out to a large amount of people all at once. Not only are your chances of gaining traffic and/or revenue greater, but this is also an opportunity to interact with potential and current fans on a personal level. This is great to do because then your link building efforts are almost unnoticeable, and it becomes natural to your fans to click on your links. Learning how to properly use social media in order to build links is vital to your site's existence in the vast World Wide Web.

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6 Useful Online Collaboration Tools for Group Projects

Group projects can cause a lot of stress for everyone involved. For some people, the idea that a portion of their grade is dependent upon the work of others can be agonizing. Between trying to coordinate work and make sure deadlines are being met, group projects can be a real headache. Luckily, several useful online tools are available to help you keep your group project running smoothly. Here are a few of the most useful.

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Shocking Statistics About (The Lack of) Business Cyber Security

RSA conference San Francisco Moscone Center 20...

RSA conference San Francisco Moscone Center 2012 Veracode (Photo credit: MotivatedModels)

It is imperative for successful business operations in today’s high-tech corporate world to have adequate cyber security for business computer systems.  The Security and Exchange Commission’s October 2011 Division of Corporation Finance of Disclosure Guidance states that corporate cyber security issues are so serious that public companies are strongly advised to divulge any security weaknesses or past problems with their systems to investors and customers. Conversely, investors should educate themselves about a company’s cyber security record before endowing any capital.

Cyber attack on corporate systems costs billions of dollars a year in lost time, data, and control over computer operations, and even though most companies have full knowledge of these issues, unfortunately, many still don't take adequate measures to address the real security concerns.
This infographic, Veracode's State of Software Security, gives some real shocking statistics about how ill-equipped many companies of today are in the face of cyber security threats.

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Top 10 Entrepreneurs Under 30

Typically, entrepreneurs are thought to belong to the older crowd. It makes sense-- more experience, more time to understand the industry and how it works, more training, more resources and everything else. Younger people looking to get into the business world are typically seen as too inexperienced, too under motivated, and too inept to dip their toes into the pool of entrepreneurship. In spite of this, today's corporate America is seeing a bumper crop of younger men and women in business who are taking their industries by force with wildly successful self-made businesses. Shockingly, some of them have yet to reach the age of 30! With all of the backlash resulting from "Millenials" starting to enter the workforce, you would think that one would be hard-pressed to find anyone in the below-30 crowd that has found success at an early age. However, to the surprise of many, young entrepreneurs like Arash Ferdowski, Soraya Darabi, and Matt Mickiewicz are creating businesses that are raking in millions.

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Texas Needs Credit Help



Texas has had its share of set backs in recent years. The real estate boom and bust that set the stage for one of the worst recessions ever endured by the United States did not exclude the great state of Texas. The draughts and fires of 20ll added to the woes. has been successful with a number residents of Plano Texas. They will prove to be just as successful in helping other Texans that are just get back on track after some struggles.

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Yahoo! and Patent Trolling

Yahoo! headquarters

Yahoo! headquarters (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Copyright remains a hot-button issue in information technology, internet theory, and pop culture, and it will for some time to come.

The overreaching anti-infringement acts SOPA and PIPA were defeated in large part by the collective outcry of private citizens, but the impulses that were driving the legislation remain as strong and far-reaching as ever, and they will give rise to more such efforts.

This isn’t just a conflict between law enforcement and a system that enables theft.  If the associated copyright issues were limited to straightforward theft of intellectual property like films and songs, there would be relatively little controversy. Then the entire subject would indeed be just a question of where to draw the line on enforcement so as to do no harm to the structure and freedom of the internet.

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5 new websites that could be the next big thing

Image representing comScore as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

The phenomenon that is social networking changes the way people and businesses communicate and Facebook and Twitter have been at the forefront of this worldwide trend.

The leading social-media sites are now being floated on the stock market, allowing individuals and businesses to invest. It is important, however, that investors research the best stocks and shares ISA before putting money into a range of investments.

As the popularity of social media increases, new websites are being launched in the hope that this success can be shared. Internet technology is the future of communication and it is not only social-networking websites that are seen as potentially profitable investments.

Here are five new websites that could be the next big thing. Investors in social media and other internet start-ups may be interested in keeping an eye on these new ventures.

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Is VPS the right choice for your business?

A typical server

Image via Wikipedia

Every business owner is required to make important decisions on a regular basis. Whilst day to day choices may not cause much of a stir, choices outside of this comfort zone can be trickier. The whole point of starting your own business is to succeed on your own terms and that means you need systems which offer you control.

As e-commerce and internet trading has become more commonplace, the virtual side of your business is now just as important as the physical side – if not more so. Unfortunately, not all small businesses are as familiar with these systems as others and that makes it harder to know what choice is best.