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GoDaddy And Microsoft Launch Get Online Today Service

English: Logo for the Microsoft Corporation, u...

English: Logo for the Microsoft Corporation, used until 1987 Deutsch: Historisches Microsoft-Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently, GoDaddy and Microsoft announced their intentions to work together on various projects. Now they've revealed their latest collaboration. It's called Get Online Today. From this package, users receive Web hosting, site building services, and e-mail through Office 365 for $1.00 per month through Year One. Subscribers receive a free $50 credit toward Bing Ads, too.

Of course, GoDaddy offers tons of Web hosting and related products including Google Auctions. Each product is priced individually, and creating a custom package isn't always easy. Get Online Today offers users an all-in-one package, though. Without a doubt, both companies are trying to compete with sites like Squarespace and WordPress. More so than that, though, both companies are targeting inexperienced website owners.

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Employment Laws And Facebook: Know Your Rights

This is icon for social networking website. Th...

This is icon for social networking website. This is part of Open Icon Library's webpage icon package. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Employment Laws And Facebook

California and Illinois are leaders in protecting your social media privacy from potential employers by banning employers from asking for Facebook passwords. Social media access gives employers a peek at how you spend your time outside of the office, and use the information in the screening process of new employee candidates.

California and Illinois lawmakers have passed a law prohibiting employers from asking for social networking passwords from their current employees and those seeking jobs with the business.  This new hiring protocol within the business world emerged when social media became popular with today's internet culture. Businesses found they can research a person's personality, morals, and ethics with a simply click of a mouse.

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Last Week's Change In TOS Lands Instagram In Court

Instagram - 8

Instagram - 8 (Photo credit: BrentOzar)

TOS Lands Instagram In Court

Instagram is not pleased with what Santa left under the tree: a lawsuit. To be more specific, Instagram is now involved in a class action lawsuit after it changed its terms of service, a move that customers are none too happy about. According to Reuters, the suit was started by a California user who is claiming that Instagram breached its contract by changing its service term. Instagram, owned by Facebook, responded by denying any wrong-doing and vowing to fight the suit.

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Laser Spine Institute Is One Of The Top Work Places

English: T1 weighted sagittal cervical spine M...

English: T1 weighted sagittal cervical spine MRI showing degenerative disc disease, osteophytes, and osteoarthritis of C4-C5 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One Of The Top Work Places

One of the top work places to work at is the Laser Spine Institute. The institute is a good place to go to for neck and open back surgery. They use different procedures in surgery that don't require a lot of down time from the patient. They also specialize in endoscopic spine surgery. They treat problems like spinal stenosis, pinched nerves, degenerative disc disease, and more. The institute has a wonderful group of medical professionals that provide treatment at four surgical centers including; Florida, Philadelphia, Arizona, and Oklahoma City.

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Founder Of Autonomy Hits Back At HP Following Claims Of Accountancy Fraud

Autonomy Corporation

Autonomy Corporation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Autonomy's founder is hitting back at HP after it was alleged that his firm, a knowledge management and enterprise search company, adopted dubious accountancy practices to boost its' value before it was sold to HP, during August of 2011. In a WSJ (Wall Street Journal) interview, Lynch stated that HP's accusations were "completely and utterly" false and that he totally rejected them.

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The New Android App For Pandora

Image representing Pandora Media as depicted i...

Image via CrunchBase

The New Android App For Pandora

Pandora, the leading internet radio on the market today is adding new features for its mobile applications. The company is now including lyrics and information about the artists in their android apps, making the mobile configuration work much more like the full-function Pandora on regular computers.

The new features on internet radio's mobile app is available to both Apple and Android mobile gadgets. The Pandora Android app is expected to be released soon, however, iPhone users can already avail themselves to the beefed up application on Monday. The company has said that a similar app for Microsoft Windows Phone 8 will be released around next year.

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Information About Auction Job Finder

William eBay

William eBay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Auction Job Finder

Auction Job Finder is perfect for people who want to make money on eBay. Auction job finder teaches people how to become an online listing agent that helps major corporations list their items right on the auction website.

The program teaches people how to earn up to $5 for every item that they list on eBay. People will learn how to make money on eBay following four simple steps that are easy to follow.

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Factors That Affect Laptop Speed

A System76 laptop displays the Ubuntu Edgy log...

A System76 laptop displays the Ubuntu Edgy login screen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People do not always choose their laptops for speed. People who are interested in a word processing platform do not need computers with the latest technology. Gamers need more from their laptop speeds and graphic abilities. Consumers looking for a fast laptop need to consider the following factors. Shoppers should look at the processor speed, the amount of memory a computer has, and its graphics card.

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How To Effectively Use Social Media for Link Building

Social Media Outposts

Social Media Outposts (Photo credit: the tartanpodcast)

When you use social media as a resource for link building, you are reaching out to a large amount of people all at once. Not only are your chances of gaining traffic and/or revenue greater, but this is also an opportunity to interact with potential and current fans on a personal level. This is great to do because then your link building efforts are almost unnoticeable, and it becomes natural to your fans to click on your links. Learning how to properly use social media in order to build links is vital to your site's existence in the vast World Wide Web.

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6 Useful Online Collaboration Tools for Group Projects

Group projects can cause a lot of stress for everyone involved. For some people, the idea that a portion of their grade is dependent upon the work of others can be agonizing. Between trying to coordinate work and make sure deadlines are being met, group projects can be a real headache. Luckily, several useful online tools are available to help you keep your group project running smoothly. Here are a few of the most useful.