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MySpace Searches for Ad Revenue

MySpace vs Facebook

MySpace Searches for Ad Revenue

With MySpace losing customers at a 13% pace over the past 52 weeks, they now face the difficult task of selling their advertising space to one of the big ad networks. Their last deal was made in 2006 with Google for $900 over the course of four years. But since then, their viewership has eroded as Facebook has overtaken the social web space. They currently in talks with Google, Microsoft and Yahoo but will most likely receive a significant reduction in revenue for this contract compare to the last one.

Are Your Customers Paying You in Words?

glowing testimonials

Are Your Customers Paying You in Words?

Good customers pay their bills, right? You trade your services for their money, and if you do a great job, both sides are happy with the deal. But maybe you shouldn't be so quick to be satisfied at just collecting money. There are other valuable things you can get from happy customers. One of those things is a glowing testimonial.

Kelley Blue Book Used Cars

kia soul

Kelley Blue Book Used Cars (Kelley Blue Book Online) recently named the KIA Soul one of the “Coolest” cars under $18,000. Style, Fuel Economy and Technology Features were the criteria by which KBB based its award. This is the second year in a row for the car to earn the award according to the manufacturer, Kia Motors America. The company reiterated the points made by KBB in that the car is stylish, cool, feature rich and affordable. The Soul is one of KIAs most popular cars and draws many customers to their new and used car lots.