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FolioLink Provides for Large Image Upload


FolioLink Provides for Large Image Upload

In their latest FLASH design, FolioLink now provides for large images to be uploaded to their popular photo website according to a release today. With their new scaling software, photographers can upload large images that will look great on desktops with big viewing areas but then also look nice on smaller interfaces like laptops and PDAs. The push to smaller lightweight images on the web has now reversed itself with many clients wanting large clear images over broadband connections. Valued at $10 Billion

Facebook Valued at $10 Billion received an investment of $200 million the week from Digital Sky Technologies (DTS). The investment was in exchange for 1.96 in equity, thus resulting in a valuation of $10 billion for all the equity. The investor also wants to purchase outstanding shares from employees and others for an additional $100 million.

WalMart Looking to Increase Tech Sales

WalMart Looking to Increase Tech Sales


WalMart reported today in a press release that they are revamping their electronic areas to have wider aisles and more brand names. All 3,500 WalMart stores nationally will get improved consumer electronic areas beginning this week with more mobile solutions and home entertainment devices. WalMart has continued to take market share away from traditional electronic outlets like Circuit City and Best Buy and plans to continue the current trend. Enables Employers to Use Twitter

Job Circle Enables Employers to Use Twitter

With the use of Twitter, is allowing employers to find and hire new employees. Social Media Recruitment Pack, kind of a boring name, but the product utilizes Twitter pages to post job openings to a vast number of job seekers quickly and efficiently. Anyone with a Twitter account can access the job postings and find their next position before it is widely publicized. This direct and instant job recruitment could be the wave of the future.

Skype Offers $5.95 Plan for South American Calls


Skype Offers $5.95 Plan for South American Calls

Many business and individuals are finding out about Skype, a leader in Internet communications, and utilizing their services to save on their monthly phone bills. In a press release today, the company announced unlimited service to a number of South American countries for a low $5.95 a month pricing. Countries include Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Puerto Rico and Argentina. The plan is being marketed to US residents with family members in these countries.

Activision Releases X-Men Origins


Activision Releases X-Men Origins

X-Men Origins: Wolverine, an epic  action-adventure game, is being released in stores world wide this week with expectations high for the new release. The new game was developed by Raven Software in connection with Activision and Mavel. A number of voices from the film are utilized for the game including Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, and

This release is reported to be the most realistic Wolverine experience to date in a video game. The story line for the game reflects the theme of the comic books and the film but is entirely unique and compelling. The video is available for XBOX 360, Playstation 3 and Windows.

(C) 2009 Offers Speech Conversion of Popular Microsoft Formats

logo Offers Speech Conversion of Popular Microsoft Formats

In conjunction with, a popular online storage application, is now making the conversion from Microsoft Office formats to audio easy. In a press release today announced that their text to speech technology is available to anyone utilizing the online services at

Simply upload your important Microsoft Word, PDF, Powerpoint, Excel, and Web documents to and they instantly become available in a speech format. The audio files make learning and retrieving reference material much easier and less time consuming than previous methods employed by the 50,000 companies currently using for their content storage and collaboration, according to the company.

Take a look at or for more details.

Sirius Radio is Taking on the NFL Draft


Sirius Radio is Taking on the NFL Draft

If you are looking for 16 hours of coverage from the floor of Radio City Music Hall on Saturday as the NFL holds their 2009 draft, Sirius Radio (official NFL sponsor) will be providing the coverage you need. Hosts include Gil Brandt, Pat Kirwan, Tim Ryan, and Adam Schein will cover the first two rounds in their entirety interacting with fans on Mad Dog Radio. But that isnt' all, Sirius will return on day two to cover the other rounds as your favorite teams select picks 3 through 7.

Additional Coverage

The coverage is looking to include not only the announced draft picks but also interviews with the draftees, the general managers making the selections, and the coaches of the teams drafting. Listen as the hosts give their unique perspective on each selection as they happen. Pre and Post Draft coverage will also be featured to give you the news before the draft happens and analyze the outcome afterward. Don't miss a draft pick this year, take Sirius XM Radio with you wherever you go this weekend.

Community TV Makes Television Broadcasting Easy


Community TV Makes Television Broadcasting Easy has released a new web-based digital video product this week called Community TV. Community TV allows small organizations to produce television broadcast material easily and more affordably then before. Schools, churches and not-for-profits should be able to take advantage of the advanced features in Community TV to produce high quality video and better prices than previously available.

NAB 2009

Content needs to be produced and viewed by’s TV software but their online solution allows for secure access for editing by offsite technicians in addition to many advanced features. Released at the NAB 2009, the web 2.0 application is ideal for broadcast journalist and mobile journalist alike according to the company.