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Hardware Innovations

Rugged Phones For Hard Tech Life

Sonium XP 1300 Core_1

Virtually everyone who has ever owned a cell phone has also experienced the pain of breaking a cell phone. Phones meet untimely demises every day, from falling to hard floors and shattering to accidentally running through the laundry. Whether you work in a physically demanding job, spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, or are simply a klutz who's hard on your cell phones, investing in one of these three rugged phones could save you a fortune in insurance claims or early upgrade fees. They may not have all the fancy features of an IPhone but have solid phonebook, GPS, and Internet so are great for outdoors.

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Red Bee Media and Cisco Join Forces in Video Cyberspace

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Red Bee Media and Cisco systems are moving forward with a partnership to deliver online video services and multi-media to consumers , as was announced in their press release this week. They bring together a combination of advanced technological experience from Cisco and the collaborative corporate media skill set from Red Bee Media, the two companies are coming together to advance connectivity of the best digital content to viewers everywhere. The announcement comes as good news for many interested parties from the broadcasting industry, because the collaboration will focus upon online streaming for video players and content media portals for VoD ( video-on-demand).

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Five Top-Selling Gadgets Of The 21st Century

If you think technology is leaving you behind, take a look at these five, top-selling must-have gadgets that have entered the market since 2000. You don't have to be a technogeek to appreciate any of these nifty devices, and you don't have to be a millionaire to own one, either!

Fastest Selling Electronic Device Of All Time

This one goes to the Apple iPad. First introduced in 2010, the Apple iPad has taken the gadget world by storm. Earlier this year, Apple announced that the iPad had become the fastest-selling electronic device of all time, and the company expects to sell more than 100,000,000 units by the end of 2012. The device has already undergone one major redesign in its scant 15 months on the market, and analysts are already talking about an iPad 3 release that could happen as early as the fourth quarter of 2011. Rumors abound regarding what the iPad 3 might potentially offer, and range from retinal scanning to HD displays to the e-commerce darling, near-field communications.

Hardware Innovations

Gadgets & Gizmos That Failed to Launch


Image by gsz via Flickr

Every day hundreds of gadgets and gizmos are invented, but many fail to get past the testing phase or never quite make it to the market. For one reason or another they end up in the 'tech fails' bin never to be heard of or seen again...

Even the 'best' have tech fails! Let’s take a look at a handful of gadgets that never made it past the drawing board:

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Business Phone Systems Combine Multiple Tools Into One System


Saving money on office tools is a great way to free up some room on your business spending. The question is: what can you afford to leave out? Instead of stressing over whether your publishing department needs that new program or your marketing department needs that new software, start saving on the office equipment that really takes up your budget.

The one area where you probably spend the most money is telecommunications. Having a complex telecomm setup can easily cost you a lot of money – if you haven’t already updated to the latest telecom equipment that is.

Hardware Innovations

Remember the Bottom Line When Building Your Data Center

Data Center

Whether you are an executive, an insurance carrier, a call center representative or a technology service provider, managing and controlling costs for a data center is just part of the job at a financial services provider. Sometimes the data center was there before you took over the reins and started planning for its growth and maintenance. Perhaps company growth—a positive result in a difficult economy—has prompted plans to add, expand or replace an existing data center.

Hardware Innovations

Flip Video Camera Being Retired by Cisco Systems


Cisco Systems announced today in a CEO John Chambers press release that they will be shutting down their consumer products division and laying off workers. The most popular product in the division is the Flip Video Camera. Current owners of the video recorders will be supported for the time-being along with the software that provides quick uploading of video to the Internet, FlipShare. The company admits in the release that it has disappointed shareholders by experimenting in the home electronics area.

Hardware Innovations

Which Apple Computer is Right for You?


Apple computers, the also-ran of the computer market for many years, was once only sought after and used by artists and musicians for its ease of use with creative programs. But the last ten years have really seen an explosion of the Apple computer market, and Apple has gone from being an obscure brand to one of the major players in the computer industry, even being used more and more in business than ever before. If you’re thinking about buying an Apple for your next home, school, or business computer, it’s best to understand which model will fit your needs best.