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Surface Pro Tablet Prices Drop $100!

Aug 06 2013
Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro (Photo credits: Best Buy)

Surface Pro Tablet Prices Drop $100!

Recently, the Microsoft family of surface tablets, the Surface RT and Surface Pro, have been struggling with sales. Microsoft created these two tablets with the intention to challenge the Apple iPad, but recent price drops of $100 to $150 and sale numbers have indicated that the original strategy that Microsoft planned, was not as successful as they were hoping.

Just a few weeks ago, Microsoft dropped the price of the Surface RT Tablet which was originally $500 to $350, the Surface Pro tablet prices to $799 from it's original $899, and the 128Gb which is $899, but used to be $999. A Microsoft spokesman stated that the price drops had happened to allow more people to get their hands on the beautiful, crafty, and productive tablet, but everyone is sure that is not the reason.

Barnes & Noble's Nook Sales Down 34%

Jun 25 2013
English: A Picture of a eBook Español: Foto de...

English: A Picture of a eBook Español: Foto de eBook Беларуская: Фотаздымак электроннай кнігі Русский: Фотография электронной книги (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Barnes & Noble's Nook Sales Down 34%

The battle of the e-Readers rages on, with a clearer picture of how the market is likely to stand in years to come. While Amazon and Apple seem to be benefitting greatly from the new market, industry giant Barnes & Noble is taking a tumble.

Nook sales themselves are down 34%, with Barnes & Noble digital sales dropping over eight percent in the same year. While the Nook has never been the most successful e-Reader, its overall losses are severe - over a million dollars more for the fiscal year than previously seen. This leaves Barnes & Noble in the precarious position of owning not only the third-place e-Reader on the market, but one that seems to be rapidly decreasing in both value and popularity.

Apple's Connection To Prism And Its 5000 Data Requests

, former director of the NSA and deputy direct...

, former director of the NSA and deputy director of the CIA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apple's Connection To Prism And Its 5000 Data Requests

Making headlines around the world this June, the Apple Prism debacle promises to continue garnering controversy. The United States National Security Agency has had a secret project called Prism for an unknown since 2007. This clandestine agency was unheard of until June 2013, when a former CIA worker and NSA contractor blew the whistle on mass electronic surveillance by the company. Edward Snowden is now in hiding but what he has revealed has left the entire world talking.

Apple Unveils New Offerings At WWDC

Jun 12 2013
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Apple Unveils New Offerings At WWDC

Apple uses the stage of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC for short, to showcase its latest offerings. This year's lineup includes new computers, a new operating system, and a new lineup of software.

Facebook And Waze Talks Fall Apart

May 31 2013
Waze navigatiescherm

Waze navigatiescherm (Photo credit: Henk-Jan van der Klis)

Facebook And Waze Talks Fall Apart

So far, all the talk of Waze, a free GPS navigation/traffic application, being acquired by Facebook, Google, or Apple has been premature.  The most recent talks between Facebook and Waze just fell through, though many thought the two companies were made for each other.  Speculation is running rampant about the reasons the acquisition fell through, but the actual circumstances are not clear.  Still, the Facebook/Waze connection made sense, and Facebook investors are undoubtedly disappointed.

The Waze application is a locally based one that helps members of specific communities shorten their morning commute by receiving the latest in road conditions, traffic flow, and even police presence. Users pool their information about local conditions, which results in a more complete and helpful picture of traffic in real time.  Ads for services also show users where the cheapest gas is located and where their morning coffee is on sale. 

Just How Big Is Apple?

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Is Apple really that big of a company? The short answer is yes. Here are a few reasons why.

Apple's total sales in 2011 were around 128 billion dollars! That's more than the combined GDP of over 60 nations! Some of the countries included in that list are Cuba, New Zealand and Iraq! Those numbers are staggering.

Apple is the largest tradable company in the stock market. Beating out companies such as Exxon, Microsoft and even Wal-Mart. Apple sells more than 694 Ipads a minute. That's 11 Ipads a second! One of the most impressive statistics would be the amount of IPhones sold. Over 74 million Iphones were sold in 2011. That's almost equal to the total weight of the Eiffel Tower!

From computers to phones, Apple is a technology powerhouse. It doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. These numbers can only continue in the years to come.

Is There Any Risk Involved in Jailbreaking an iPhone?

Deutsch: Windows 7

Deutsch: Windows 7 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are the owner of an iPhone or any other iOS device then certainly you can make the most of these devices and can use them for whatever purpose that you want but sometimes you may get limited due to the restrictions and restrictive business models of your company.  But, if you want to get the most out of your iPhone then you can easily jailbreak it because then it will allow you to use the applications of your choice and make you eligible to receive all the services from the providers of your iPhone.

Apple’s Best Quarter Ever, But Will It Last?

English: Apple iPad Event

Image via Wikipedia

Even with the passing of Steve Jobs, his company is doing better than it ever has. With $97.6 billion in the bank closing the first quarter results, recent announcements have profits exceeding $100 billion. The sale of 37 million iPhones and impressive amounts of Macs and iPads dominated the Christmas season. But, Apple wants to do better than that.

Apple Is Going To Sell A Smaller I Pad In 2012


Image by Getty Images via @daylife

It looks like Amazon and their Kindle Fire tablet have had a good impact on Apple. They are planning on squeezing an iPad model down to 7.85 inches of digital real estate. It will not be a replacement for the big model, so no need to worry if you like a large screen. Take a look at the details of the upcoming 7.85 inch iPad here in this quick article.

The Inside Scoop On The iPhone 4S

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If you have been looking forward to getting a new iPhone 5, then think again. Apple made an announcement about the new iPhone 4s yesterday instead. It looks just like the regular iPhone 4 on the outside. The inside is what has changed. Let's see what is new.

One of the most important things that is different about this phone is that it is powered by a A5 processor. That means that it is twice as fast as the previous version. Apple also stated that data speeds will be faster on this phone at 14.4 Mbps for downloading and 5.8 Mbps for uploading. The battery life is a little bit longer than the iPhone too, but standby time is less.