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IS Magazine Blog Offers Wireless Plan Comparisons

myrateplan Offers Wireless Plan Comparisons

In addition to the tradition comparisons offered between cellphone carriers and home appliances, now also offers a comparison of text messaging services according to a recent press release. This new interactive calculator will let you compare different text messaging plans offered by your wireless carrier. With most carriers increasing their texting rates over the past two years, getting the best plan is a necessity.

.tel Domain Creates New Demand


.tel Domain Creates New Demand

In a press release last week from Telnic Limited, the registry operator for the new .tel domain, the company announced that they will not auction off or hold back any domains for high profile companies or organizations. All the new domain names will be sold on a first-come first-serve basis. The company is expecting much demand for some of the more popular names, phrases, and generic names in the United States as well as in every country.

KIA Automobiles to come with HD Radio

HD Radio

KIA Automobiles to come with HD Radio

According to a press release yesterday, in certain KIA Motors makes and models coming in 2010, the auto-manufacturer will include HD Radio Receivers. The devices will be able to receive high definition AM and FM radio stations with crystal clear sound for free. Sedans and SUVs will be the first models to have the factory installed receivers according to the company.

Atari to release Ghostbusters Video Game June 16th


Atari to release Ghostbusters Video Game June 16th

As part of a Ghostbusters 25th Anniversary, Atari will be releasing the new Ghostbusters: The Video Game in America on the 16th of June 2009 and worldwide shortly thereafter on the 19th. In a Press Release today, the company announced Ghostbuster: The Video Game which will start a new chapter in the classic movie series.