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Three Steps to Prevent Virus Attacks

computer virus

For anyone who uses a computer, whether they spend time online or not, there is always a danger of getting a harmful virus that can do any number of things to you and your PC’s system. Not only is there a danger of losing system resources to malicious programs but there is also the threat of your personal information being accessed by hackers. While many people believe the only way to get malicious software like Trojans, worms and viruses is through infected web pages, it’s also possible to get them through e-mail links and even USB drives that plug right into your system.

In order to properly protect you and your PC, there are three things that you should always remember.

Amazon Wants Android Users as Readers

Kindle Android App

Amazon Wants Android Users as Readers

Amazon today released a Kindle App for Android owners to allow them to access the 600,000+ digital content pieces (e-books) available from Amazon, without owning a Kindle. And the new mobile app provides a feature to sync your Kindle with your Android so you do not lose your place in a book when you switch reading devices. Books are available at discount prices compared to hardcover new releases, often times in the $10 range and free chapters are provided while you make a purchase decision.

Ultimate Steal Promo Code

Learning All About Ultimate Steal Promo Code

Shopping online can become expensive if you’re not using the right promo’s and discounts during an online check out. Search for an ultimate steal promo code, and you can get some of the best discounts that are out there on the internet for you to use the next time you go shopping over the web. This is because all you have to do once you arrive at the check out is enter the discount code into the designated box.

Paltalk Releases SuperIM for Online Video Chat


Paltalk Releases SuperIM for Online Video Chat

Allowing 10 users to video chat at one time for free is a feature of Paltalk’s latest release SuperIM. With their own unique vanity URLs, the 4 million Paltalk users can gain access to other members video chats easily and quickly. The service will also connect with many other popular social networks like Facebook, AIM, and MSN when it comes out of beta testing.