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Yahoo's Holiday Layoffs: One More Restructuring for the Search 'Also-Ran'?

Yahoo Layoffs

What’s the next strategy if you are Silicon Valley’s most infamous, yet most persistent, ‘also-ran’?  Just having moved its paid ads over to Bing, and with early reports that it will layoff roughly 5 percent of its workforce (Merry Christmas!) as early as December 14, it seems that Yahoo! is all set to undergo yet another restructuring.

Reuters reports that, Yahoo “plans to lay off more than 600 employees as early as Tuesday,” December 14. Most of these cuts will reportedly be in Yahoo’s product group. Reuters notes that, “(t)he layoffs come two years into Chief Executive Carol Bartz's tenure, as Yahoo works to grow its revenue amid tough competition from Google Inc and Facebook.”

Internet Today

Backing up Your files Online

online backup

Making a backup of your important files and or your mission critical work documents is essential to the smooth operation of day to day business. Ignorance is practically inexcusable with their being hundreds of options both online and offline. With the price of consumer electronics on a steady price decline, hard disc drives have become something that is available to everyone. Unable to install a hard disc? This is no issue with the arrival of portable / external hard discs. Portable hard discs allow you to back up all of your data and take it off site, which should also satisfy your disaster management planning by ensuring there are multiple copies of mission critical data at more than one location.

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Google Search Formula Tweak a 1st Step to Include User Sentiment?


The swirl of negative publicity surrounding suddenly infamous ‘Black Hat’ online marketer, Vitaly Borker - whose anti-social online marketing practices and absolute lack of any business ethics were featured in an interesting yet scathing report in The New York Times – seems to have forced Google to tweak its all-important search algorithm. But, as ever, the folks at Google’s MountainView, CA headquarters are being circumspect about the changes to the highly-secret search algorithm that is at the core of Google’s business.

Internet Today Provides Multiple Links in One Shortened URL

bitly_puffers Provides Multiple Links in One Shortened URL

If you are looking to provide many links to your followers on Twitter or other social networking sites, now provides Bundles. Tweeting a number of photos or YouTube videos to your friends and acquaintances is now simple with the shortener service. Just add more than one link to the standard interface at, click on Shorten, and then click on Bundle and the shortened URL will be a Bundle of URLs.

Internet Today

HubPages Reaches One Million Hubs and Counting


HubPages Reaches One Million Hubs and Counting

The popular blogging website HubPages, were writers create individual pages on content on a specific topic, has reached a milestone of one million Hubs. Unlike other similar sites that have closed or restricted the kind of content that can be published, HubPages allows practically any topic to be used as a Hub. Other new features of the site include forums and Q&A. A popular aspect of the site for writers, is the ability to monetize their pages with Google AdSense, eBay auctions, Amazon Products and many other forms. The revenue earned (60% of the total) is not kept within HugPages but recorded directly with the vendor.

Internet Today For Sale on Flippa

mark-zuckerberg For Sale on Flippa

If you have seen the Facebook movie ‘The Social Network’ then you know that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s first version of a social site was The site built overnight when his girlfriend left him, featured two side by side photos of Harvard undergrads that you could vote on. You were voting which one was better looking. It took off and crashed the Harvard network within one night of release.

Internet Today

Twitter Retires the Early Bird Advertisement Product


Twitter Retires the Early Bird Advertisement Product

Today at the IAB Mixx conference, Twitter COO Dick Costolo announced that the Twitter Early Bird program would be retired. The advertising program allowed advertisers to make product announcements directly to Twitter users through one centralized account, @EarlyBird. Virgin American and Disney were companies that took advantage of the program but most offers were only for the American market which Twitter felt was alienating to international users.

Internet Today

Internet Awaiting Twitter Announcement


Internet Awaiting Twitter Announcement

Rumors are stirring that one of the advancements that Twitter plans to unveil this afternoon with be inline photos and video. This will be a nice addition that will make video and photo Twitter third party applications unneeded in the future. The feature was made available by mistake back in July to a limited number of users. And some code present on the site today provides for a picture icon when a picture is attached to a tweet. A similar feature is well represented by the options offered by Brizzly.