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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Cures Ills Of Windows 8; Adds Bells And Whistles


Microsoft's Windows 10, the corporation's latest operating system, launches Wednesday (July 28). Windows 10 corrects Windows 8 problems and adds new features. Windows' 1.5 billion users will find the feel and look of the venerable operating system introduced in 1985 has returned.

Microsoft's has had some problems with updates to the Windows operating system; Windows 8 is probably best known. Windows 8, designed for devices used as both a PC and a tablet, failed to meet the mark. The OS was beset by problems, confused users, and did not enhance users computer experience. A flood of reports of inferior performance by Windows 8---confusing changes, and difficulty of use---meant the majority of Windows users did not upgrade from release 7. Windows 8's failure led to the downfall of Microsoft's CEO being fire. His replacement, Satya Nadella, has admitted the release was flawed.

Apple Working Toward Greener Policies

Apple Working Toward Greener Policies

In an attempt to become a better steward of the world's ecosystem, Apple will soon offer free recycling of its products. Also, renewable energy sources will soon power its stores, offices and data centers. Recently, Apple debuted a new environmental section on its website, highlighting the company's efforts to become more green and reduce electronic junk in the word's landfills.

Operating 420 stores worldwide and selling over 1 billion tech products over the past 7 years, Apple has changed its practice of giving gift cards in trade for consumers' still-working devices. Now all Apple devices,including the iPhone 5S, will be eligible for free recycling, whether they work or not.

New Ideas From TurboTax


In 2015 taxes may be a lot easier to file, and millions of Hispanic Americans will be able to appreciate one of the newest mobile applications from TurboTax. SnapTax lets you file your tax return in English or Spanish, and TurboTax intends to reach the 52 million individuals who may welcome this streamlined way of filing.  

A language barrier may create an additional challenge to filing a simple tax return, but SnapTax will eliminate this barrier for millions of tax filers. SnapTax is free of charge, and a cell phone is all you need to get your 1040EZ/A filing started.

Optical Character Recognition allows you to photograph your W-2 and enter the information onto your tax return. There are a few questions to answer afterwards, but you can file your simple return electronically in approximately ten minutes.

Google Acquires Timeful For Google Calendar


Timeful is a very useful application for your smartphone that uses artificial intelligence to find ways for users to fit more into their daily schedules. The only issue the company faced was getting users to switch from their current calendar applications and use the new features. But with news today that Google will acquire the company, these advanced features will now be implemented within Google calendar and other Google productivity apps. The current app for iOS and the iPhone will continue to be available but all new development will be on Google products.

Facebook Messenger Adds Video Calling


If you have tried to send a message using your Facebook app recently, you noticed that the company wants you to download Facebook Messenger first. This new Facebook app has become popular with both Apple iPhone users and Google Android users. Using the app you can chat with your Facebook friends using your phones instead of their built in messaging apps.

WhatsApp Moves to the Desktop


What has become one of the most popular phone apps for messaging internationally is becoming available via a web browser on the desktop (an extension). The browser version is a little odd as it needs an active phone session to operate which it then mirrors. All the messages still happen  on the phone, with the desktop as an interface. Another odd quirk is that the desktop does not work with Apple iPhone, just Android, Blackberry and Windows. The company is blaming Apple limitations for the lack of the new service.

H&R Block Appeals to TurboTax Deluxe Users


Turbo Tax Enters a New Era with Tax Software Changes and Software wars get tough with tax time soon beginning.

Mouseprint an affiliate of Consumer informed Turbo Tax users that Intuits product, Turbo Tax Deluxe, so popular with filers is changing. The schedule C (self-employment), Schedule E (Partnership Income-Rental) or Schedule D (Investment) no longer exist in Turbo Tax Deluxe. Customers now need to upgrade to the "Premier" editions and above.

The founder of, Mr. Edgar Dworsky expressed the change as a "Clever ploy." Take away what people consider essential, and set a higher price. The surprise from users might prove quite interesting. Some will only realize the difference while working on their taxes. Tax preparation for many people is stressful and this change will not be met with open arms.

Microsoft Acquires Acompli for Outlook Replacement


For over $200 million, Microsoft has acquired Acompli as a possible replacement for Outlook on mobile devices. The mobile app runs on both iOS and Android and can connect to most email systems including MS Exchange. This is seen by many analysts as Microsoft moving closer to offering all office products in mobile formats. The company recently relocated its OneDrive division to work with the Office mobile and cloud groups. In a statement, Microsoft likes the technology of Acompli, the staff, and the option for the company to expand its mobile applications.

Your WhatsApp Is Encrypted on Android


On your Android phone, the popular messaging app WhatsApp now is providing end-to-end encryption. The Open Whisper Systems technology will move to iOS soon also. Whisper Systems was purchased by Twitter four years and the Open Whisper Systems is the open source off-shoot. With over 600 million users, keeping messages and pictures save from hackers has become more important every month with the NSA and hackers getting ahold of celebrity photos from Apple cloud services.

The New Website From Boost Software


The Boost Software team in Boston MA has been hard at work updating the company’s anti-virus program, the PC Health Boost application, and most recently; their website. The new site is not a modification to the old site but something completely new. The site was designed with easy navigation in mind. User friendly is the theme of the new site in a similar way to their PC Boost software.